Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Poking my head in for a quick hello!

So here are a few shots from our family Christmas.  It was an early start (isn't it always?!?!).  Caeligh was in charge of the camera that day so these are all of her pictures, slightly blurry but taken with much excitement and pride at being the photographer for the day.

My nan was down in Brisbane after moving from Townsville and she got to meet my children for the very first time.  This is my birth mother's mother whom I only met myself for the first time a couple of years ago.  It was lovely to have her in my home and getting to meet all the kids.  Caeligh felt instantly comfortable with her and even climbed onto her lap for a cuddle which is almost unheard of from Caeligh!

We had lots of family, friends,  food and fun.  The kids all loved their Nintendo DSs that they got, along with lots of outside toys like ripsticks and scooters.  It was a long day with a mad cleaning frenzy at the end of it, instead of a relax, because we left for two weeks of holidays at Golden Beach at Caloundra on Boxing Day.  Had a fantastic time, great unit with a full kitche, washing machine and dryer in the unit, the beach was across the street and so was the BBQ area.  The kids could swim or fish.  I think fishing has become our new favourite family activity.  Instead of the usual bickering and sniping at each other, they all would get really excited when someone caught something and there were lots of pats on the back and congratulations.  It was a nice change to see them being so supportive and encouraging of each other and thus it has become one of our new weekend activities to do with them.

Not a lot of scrapping going on but slowly doing a bit here and there.  I did have a third layout but SM accepted it for pub so I can't put it up here for ages according to their new publication rules.  It was nice to create something and I'm glad I haven't forgotten how to scrap!  I'm trying to make a little time here and there for it, so even if I don't get something finished in one hit (which has always been my style), I can come back to it and work on it some more when I do have time. 

School has been a big change this year.  Blayd is now in Senior School so he goes from 7.45am to 1pm every day.  I wish I had had hours like that when I was in high school!  Lachlann is in Middle Schoo, James is in Upper Junior and Caeligh is in Junior School.  She has settled down a lot at school but can still be quite the handful at home, especially in the mornings when waiting for her medication to kick in, and then in the evenings after it has worn off but otherwise, home life is on the up and up.  We all still have our crazy days - hell anyone with kids will tell you the best behaved kids can have off days - but overall I'm glad we're back into the routine of school.  We are going away to Caloundra again for the Easter holidays and Blayd's best friend is coming with us so the kids all have something to look forward to which I think helps as well.  We'll also be going back up at Christmas this year for two weeks again.  I can't believe how much we all enjoyed the break and how much we all needed it!  I was very strict with myself and I only worked for two hours the whole time we were gone!  Easter will be different but that's okay, all part of being self employed but I'm sure I will still have plenty of time to have fun with the kids.  

I'll post some holiday photos on a new post as I have to get back to work now but I wanted to come and share those couple of layouts.  It's nice to be scrapping again!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love