Thursday, 31 May 2007

Catching up slowly

So this week has been a bit of a catch up week, bugger all typing work unfortunately and now I get to spend today cleaning the house! Fun fun fun....... I sent off my black and green colour challenge for SC yesterday, as did Cass. I actually ended up leaving the layout I wanted to send at home (forgotten in the morning rush!) and because yesterday was the last day to send entries in (via Express Post mind you!) I had to do a whole new layout while I was at work. I'm actually really happy with it but I can't even share a scan because I had to post it straight away and didn't get a chance to scan it! That NEVER happens usually but I'll share when I eventually get it back. Ha ha ha who knows you might see it again in SC before I have it back in my hands if I do any good with it! lol Oh the joy of optimism......! I don't like to work under pressure and don't like deadlines but sometimes my best stuff turns up that way, it's weird but not something I'd like to make a habit of.
So a couple of Movieworld photos for you just quickly....

I'm eternally grateful that Doug took one good photo of me. I don't have a gazillion pics of myself but regardless of what I think about having my photo taken I know my kids will want those photos one day, not just a few here and there stuck in old albums. I know I wish I had more photos of my mother and so that reminds me to put ego issues aside and make sure somebody takes a few pics of me every now and then. Whether they make it to layouts is another issue......! lol

This month's June class timetable will be up on Cyberscraps probably either tonight or tomorrow. We have a new range of beginners classes, an intermediate altered alphabet sticker class and an advanced Fancy Pants Stamps and watercolour class as well as a chipboard tag mini album for adults and every Sunday we have two kids classes - for June it's a kids' canvas class and a chipboard tag mini album for kids. The kids always love these classes and walk away with something pretty special at the end of it.

I'm off to do some more cleaning now. I've just done the bathroom. I have to admit I'm a really lazy cleaner so I just turn the shower on, aim it at the floor next to the bath and use a broom to sweep the tiles that way!! I totally loathe cleaning so if I can make it quicker, faster, more efficient then I'm sure going to do it that way. I know there will be women out there who know the "proper" way to clean a house but let me tell ya - if it's clean then it's clean and I really don't care about the whys and hows of how it got that way. I've got more important things to worry about - like how to get the kids to keep it that way!!!! lol

Well I'm going to do a quick pick up and get changed out of the daggy cleaning clothes now and head over to Cass's place. We've got a little project brewing between us and we need to get the basics sorted out today so I'm going to be in project management mode while we get things started. Of course I'll share when I have something more interesting than just chat to share with you about it! It's all centred around our first love - scrapbooking - (the menfolk and kids do rank right up there but we have to be straight with each other don't we girls?!?!?!) and that's basically all I'm sayin' right now!

Quick shout-outs to my freestyle rockin' mate Lusi, the v.spesh Miss JillyGG, a huge thanks to Ngaire for last week - I had a blast and make sure you get in touch about the ink party! - and to Ali Stafford - we know you're flat out girl but the comfy chair and Woodies are a'waitin' for ya!!!!

This Friday we've got open crop day. Come on in if you've got nothing else on and have a seat, have a cuppa and have a scrap with us! We promise we don't bite and we're lots of fun!!! Plus you'll have access to some of the cheapest supplies all around you while you work if you suddenly find you're missing that special something for a layout. Give us a ring at the shop on 3274 5522 if you want to come and scrap with Cass and I on Friday.

Back later chickies and I'll post up some sneaky peeks of the June class projects. I'm not a huge OTP fan but I did a chipboard tag album that I'm really really happy with so I'll take some happy snaps and put them up later.

Oh hey I forgot to ask - is anyone going to the Scrapbooking Convention next week in Brisbane??? Cass and I are going but not sure what day yet. If anyone is going maybe we can meet up for a Woody or a chardy afterwards and talk shop or scrap or something?!?!?!!?

Much love to ya chickies!!!!! Mwah Lu

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sorry to have been away so long!!!!!

Where to begin??? Busy week (aren't they all!) with working at the shop, trying to get the June class timetable finished and generally I had a week last week where I felt like the universe had it in for me! One thing after another went wrong and didn't stop the whole week and I wondered about a million times what I'd done to deserve it!!! I did the whole June class timetable and then it didn't save properly so that was an hour or so of work gone. It's not hard to re-do, just a pain in the butt to have to re-do, then my 12yo got a toothache and had to come home from school. We gave him something for the pain but by that night it was getting worse and he was a crying mess so we gave him Panadeine which by 5am the next morning had him vomiting all over the place for hours on end so no more painkillers for him! So I dragged the whole tribe to the school dental hospital only to be told that they don't do walk in emergencies any more. He's crying, still vomiting and howling and they refused to see him!!!!! They told me to call a number on the card they gave me and that I could come back when they had an appoitment available. They said even if poor Blayd sat there all day they'd still see the booked appointments first. So they can't see him until at least late that afternoon they tell me on the phone after I've put them all back in the car, driven to the shop and used the phone there. So in desperation I ring Doug and tell him that I can't bear to see the kid in so much pain so I drove him to a very kind and lovely private dentist that I go to sometimes. We don't have private cover so $200 freaking bucks later he walks out again. It was something that had to be fixed and wouldn't have gone away on its own but the money really stung and I had to have all four kids at home for the rest of the day and couldn't get any typing done so I had to stay up til midnight Thursday night typing and then up again at 4am on Friday to get the rest finished. By Friday I was frazzled to say the least. My 9yo was attempting to break the record for how much of an @#%hole he could be in one week and then Cass had to leave the shop early on Friday because her little one got a temp (which was fixed with a shot of panadol and a bag of chips) so I got to man the post alone for the rest of the day. Then I had to go shopping for Blayd's birthday presents Friday night and didn't get home until 7pm so dinner was rushed. Saturday I had to work in the shop for a few hours and then my sister came over to stay the night because we were taking her, along with Doug's mother plus our four kids and Cass's son to Movieworld on the Sunday.

Movieworld was so much fun. My sister does all the rides and this year, for the first time, Blayd has been big enough to go on everything and finally brave enough too. So he, Scott, Lesha and I went on absolutely everything. It was terrifying on things like the Batwing Spaceshot and the Superman Escape but that was the reason I made myself do them. I was a bit scared but I was going to be damned if I'd let fear stop me from going on something that was probably lots of fun. So I gritted my teeth and had the best time. I'll post some pics later when I've got a bit more time cos I'm borrowing Cass's computer right now but let's just say it was serious fun!!!

I've decided on my tattoo as well - it's the Marah Johnson winged heart on her transparency sheet and I'm going to keep it that large size too. I'm then going to have written inside the heart "feel the fear and do it anyway" - I think Erica De Jong said that - feminist I believe but let me know if I'm wrong - about who said it and if they were a feminist or not!!! Movieworld showed me that if I had let fear stop me from going on those rides I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. It's okay to be scared but it shouldn't stop you, that's my thinking. I spent the drive home thinking about what I'd have missed out on if I'd let fear stop me that day, and I thought about how my life would be different if I'd let fear stop me from leaving my unhappy first marriage, if I'd let fear stop me from submitting my layouts, lots of things really. That kind of ties back to my little goals I've had for the last couple of years, doing things I've always wanted to do but have been a bit scared to do. So that's the plan and I'm going to start saving up to get it done but I'll have to price it first. If you know of anyone in Brisbane that you would totally trust to ink your body for life then please let me know. I want to be sure I get someone who knows what they're doing and will be able to do exactly what I want - all very hygenically of course!!! lol

I'll be back later when I've got some more time but have a cool day chickies!!!! Love, Lu

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

More layouts and a cracker of a layout idea that I can't actually do right now :(

Well chickies I'm sitting at Cass's place, using her computer and I would be using her island bench to scrap at except that I've had a great idea for a layout only to discover that I don't have the HUUUUUGE pile of pink bling I'll need to do the best part with! Even worse - I'm not too sure where I'm going to get the HUUUUge amount of pink bling I'll need either......hmmmmm.....

So while I did want to get somthing done today, I've admitted defeat and have resigned myself to the fact that I'll only be able to toss ideas around - and blog!!!! So I thought I'd share some layouts I've done of late. The one up the top I did for SM's "Decorative Edges" page call - I took to it with a craft knife and the black border is what happened when Cass scanned it for me. The middle one I've wanted to do for a while as I've had an obsession with those pink jelly sandals long before I ever had a daughter to wear them on!!! lol The bottom one is my Cyberscraps May Get Real Challenge - scrapping our mistakes (as long as we learned something from them!). It documents my mistake of getting married very young and for mostly the wrong reasons. I hope one day my two sons from that marriage will read it and hopefully get at least a glimmer of why my relationship with their dad didn't work out and why I made the decision to get divorced. I grapple with that decision a lot - even though I'm totally convinced it was the right thing for me to do - for my sons and for me - but my self-knowledge that I did the right thing doesn't equate to them understanding the whole messy situation and why I chose the path I did. I also hope they'll forgive me one day even if they don't fully understand why I made the decisions I did.
So tomorrow is shop day again. I think I'll have to wait until then to do the layout I'm thinking of, even making a start on it and the bling dilemma I'll deal with later. Heaven forbid I'll have to substitute tiny blobs of Kindy Glitz if I can't get the bling I want!!!! More typing to do tonight even though I'd rather be scrapping and we've got to do the groceries as well - fun, fun, fun!!!!
Later babes! Lu

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Work, work, work today!

I opened the shop today as Cath had her son's school fete on (which I hope went really well btw!). I had planned to finish off a layout that I started on Friday but when I got into the shop I realised I had left the plastic layout carrier at home - with the layout in it!!! I took it out of the car on Friday night to show Doug's mother my most recent stuff and It's still here in the house!!! DUH FOR ME! So I had to start something new which irks me cos the Friday layout is still unfinished and now I have to type this evening so I won't get a chance to finish it off then either. I had a photo of Ronin (my nephew, Cass's littlest boy) in a quiet moment at the Good Friday photo shoot. Now Ronin, like my Caeligh, is a real little tearaway and quiet moments are few and far between so I thought it was worth scrapping. I haven't had a chance to scan it yet but maybe I can have it up tomorrow. My mum and little sister came in to keep me company and watch me scrap - I've warned them to be careful cos once you're bitten by the scrapping bug it's all downhill from there for your wallet and free time!!!! lol

I've also done my layout for the Cyberscraps GET REAL Challenge for May - scrapping your mistakes that you've learned from. I chose to scrap about my decision to get married very young and for not all the right reasons. The journalling takes up most of the layout but I'm still really happy with the result. It's another one that I have to ask the delightful Cass to scan for me so I can put it up.

The only other thing I've done is a layout on Lachlann and his (almost) favourite amusement - dominos. The plastic kind that you line up in complicated rows and designs and then tip the first one and watch the domino effect as they all topple one after the other. Can't believe how much he enjoys playing with them, rows, circles, even creates obstacle courses to see if it will work that way!

I've got work on at the shop tomorrow and can't wait until Ali pops in to scrap with us. Is Monday morning too early to open Woodies to scrap with?????? Most likely yes I'm afraid though the Coke will be definitely flowing!

Cass has made me agree that if I'm not doing Masters this year then I should submit for Elite Team instead. That's only a five layout portfolio which I think is much more achievable for me right now than the Masters tasks as I'm on a roll with layouts and don't feel like doing much else. I'm also going to submit for SC's colour comp with a black and green layout I did about my boys' disgusting messy bedroom. I did warn them that if they didn't keep it clean I'd do a layout about it and mummies everywhere would get to see how piggy their room looks!!!! I hope SC will pub it - just so I can use it as parental ammo for them to finally tidy up. It smells like a science experiment in there and I won't even go under the bed - I don't know who or what I'd find!!!!
A HUGE THANKYOU to whoever the kind person was who sent me a RAK this week!!!! I got three ziploc bags full of bits and bobs and I can't wait to use them! I hope the RAK-er doesn't mind that Lachlann wants to share them too - he said it felt like Christmas watching me open the bags and spread everything out! I've promised him I'll scan some of his layouts and give him his own album on Cyberscraps - I will get around to it eventually!

I can't think of much else right now. Pizza for dinner tonight at the MIL's request (her birthday) and once we explained to her that things like Thai and Indian involved curries she decided to stick with something a little safer. That reminds me that I have to look at the cross-trainer in KMart this week which is on special. My gym did end up closing and I guess it's currently awaiting someone else to take it over and re-brand etc but in the meantime I'll have to start exercising of my own free will or I'll just put every kilo back on that I've lost in the last month and we just cannot have that!

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend or at least had fun if you had to run about like mumma taxis and mad chickens! Love to ya's, Lu

Thursday, 17 May 2007

A break in the drought!!!! (the pub one that is!!!)

Oh thank goodness - I was starting to believe I'd lost the scrapping plot completely as I haven't had an acceptance from SM in AGES!!!!!! Today they accepted "Part Time Girly Girl" that I did on Monday at the shop. It has the scalloped edges with ribbon through them and the red centred flowers. I liked it at the time, mainly because I used the watercolour pencils on that layout for the first time ever and I was happy with the result of that. I didn't even remember that SM had a Decorative Edges gallery coming up and that's what it was taken for. So I'm doing the happy dance now. There's nothing harsher on the mojo than having at least once acceptance every week and then BAM!! months of submitting stuff that I thought was just as good as the things that had been accepted already but with nothing but slappings every week. I do feel for people who submit, submit, submit and get nothing taken. I can sit here all I like and spout righteous crap about "it shouldn't matter if it's accepted or not", "as long as you like it, it's perfect" etc etc but anyone who has had something accepted knows that it's still a little exciting and I hope that doesn't ever wear off for me. If the buzz of having something accepted evaporated then I don't think I'd bother to submit at all!!!! All said though, when Cass and I sat and inspected our respective slappings today I thought to myself "does it really matter that much?" and I figured it isn't a be all and end all even though it's nice. So don't make it the be all and end all for you if you submit. Unbeknownst to lots of scrappers, the decision to not accept a layout can come down to something as insignificant as space restrictions, or a call being full already or cliche as it sounds it may just not be what they're looking for right now. Slightly harshing but not the end of the world. Worse things have happened to nicer people - that's my life motto these days and it really helps to jerk things swiftly into perspective for me if I'm having a bit of a self indulgent sooky-wah because I've had a layout I like rejected. No biggie.

Because I've decided to let Masters go, the creative juices have really been switched on this week. I got another two layouts done at Cass's place today and that was even with three little kids in the house interrupting every five seconds. One I've still got with me cos I need something from the shop tomorrow to finish it off and the second I'm waiting for darling Cass to scan for me.

OH HEY I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! - if you live in Brisbane and would like to attend a class with the super fab Ngaire Bartlam then I've got some fab news for you!!!! We've got a couple of places left in her upcoming classes at Cyberscraps - this very Saturday 19th May from 2-4pm (be super quick if you want the last couple of places in that one!) and next Wednesday night 23rd May from 7-9pm. The layout Ngaire is going to help you to make is absolutely gorgeous and uses the Basic Grey Stella Ruby range of papers. Ngaire is one popular gal as her work is so amazing and her classes are usually all booked solid so if you're fast you'll still grab a chair and get your chance to learn from the best. The shop number is 3274 5522 - pick up that phone now woman!!!!!!!

We've also got crop day tomorrow so if you're a local and you've got nothing on the cards why not stop in at the shop for a few hours of fun, nattering and most importantly scrapping! We supply morning tea and something delish from the bakery nearby. All you need to bring is whatever you're working on right now, or just bring your gear and some pics and start something new! Cass and I will do our best not to take up the entire table!!!!! lol

Before I go - shout out to my best girl Cass who has ROCKED the brand spankin' new issue of Scrapbooking Memories (Vol 12 which some subscribers have just started receiving) with THREE fantastic layouts and her Real Life, Real Stories article with matching gorgeous layout too!!! WAY TO GO MY FAV GIRL!!!!!! Also a big shout out to the SUPREMELY TALENTED Lusi Austin who's right there along side, ROCKIN' with the best of 'em!!!! Much love to you babe! This month's SM is fabulous and what about that cover?!?!?!?! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Okay now I have to go do some grown up stuff like be a parent and make dinner but I'll be back real soon now ya hear!!!!!!! Later babes, Lu

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mojo is going strong - but only for fun stuff!!!

Two more layouts from my time at the shop today. Very quiet customer wise, as is the case with most of the shops along the street however. We're starting to wonder if our customers have been snatched by aliens this week!!!! lol The top layout was done with watercolour pencils. I kind of got a bit hooked after the flowers on Caeligh's layout from Monday and went a bit bananas this time!!! Loved the result though and I'll definitely play around a bit more with them. The rock layout is a little more my style and those itty bitty Making Memories alphas are a pain in the ass but I really like how they turned out! Only problem is that I use "h" far more than I had ever realised so had to buy another packet of them just for that one letter!!! lol
I'm off to pour myself a glass of red. I'm going to surprise Doug with a night sort of alone - as alone as you can get as a couple in a house with four children anyway - and feed, bath and send the kidlets off to watch a movie, something I never ever usually do during the week. I feel like I've really neglected him in the past couple of weeks and right now the distance feels just enormous and I hate that so much. He's my rock and does everything for me and I don't like to think that he is feeling neglected or apart from me. He's so patient that he won't ever crack up about it either, just wait for me to sort of come back into orbit and get back to our usual closeness. Just feels like it's taken too long this time so I'm going to have to make more effort.
Have a nice evening chickies! Talk to you tomorrow, Lu

Chugging along

Another up late and up early again so I can get the typing finished. I hate typing now that I'm working in the shop instead but every bit of income counts and I don't like watching Doug worry about the money thing if I can be doing more to help. The typing isn't hard or difficult, just no fun! But I was a good girl and did all of my dermatologist's stuff last night and even invoiced him (aren't I an efficient girl?!?!) and did half of the cardiologist's stuff last night and I'm in the midst of finishing off the rest as I type - or as I should be typing that is!
I got some layouts done at the shop yesterday - not exactly for the shop and not for Masters either! My bad........ I don't know what it is about Masters this year. Last year I was slack about it even though I wanted it and still didn't get my stuff done until the last week so naturally it was crap and this year I thought I wanted it too but watching Cass power ahead with her absolutely amazing entry has really slowed me down. It's as though I'm being told to wait and that it isn't my time yet so I don't even feel bad about not wanting to enter now, just accepting that I will have a go next year. I just honestly feel like it isn't my time and it's one of those really constantly nagging feelings I've learned that I'm not supposed to ignore. Why would it not be my time, I hear you ask??? I ask the same thing but it feels right to let it go this year and I'm ver at peace with that. Besides I have every faith that Cass will go all the way as SM love her to bits (as we all do!!! and so they should as well) and I know that it can take up a certain amount of time from a scrapper's life to be involved in something like Masters. I am totally hapy to sit back and enjoy her success with her. I also haven't had nearly as much pubbed as Cass has and another twelve months to build my publication resume wouldn't hurt either I don't think. I haven't been offered a product challenge by SM yet and I'd really like to snare one of those or a cover first, as I think those sort of things help you to build a bit of a rep that I don't have yet and I'm positive that counts when they look at Masters entries. I'm sure that as soon as SM get some people's entries they already stick them in the shortlisted pile as they know they will be consistently good and I'd like to be one of those people, just maybe not this year. I can hear Cass's wails of horror right now as she reads this but I can't change what the universe is telling me!
So my layouts from Monday.....

The first one is a bit of a muck around with watercolour pencils which I haven't used before and the second is a layout using Marah Johnson Intentions paper. I love the stuff to bits but it can be really hard to work with sometimes. I love the pattern on the paper so much that I struggle with covering it up, even with a photo!!!!! Here's hoping some nice mag will like them as much as me!!!! lol

Okay off to tend to the screeching tribes and get up and out of here for the day! Chat to ya later chickies!!!! Love, Lu

Monday, 14 May 2007

Super quick update (edited: sorry it isn't quick at all!!!!!)

Hiyall!!!!! Sorry I haven't been in lately!!! One of those weeks where I've had a gazillion things to do but I guess you have had heaps to do as well and you've still found time to stop by and see if that woman has updated her bloody blog yet!!! lol

Week in review:

Thursday Cass and I took Lily, Ronin and Caeligh with us to the DFO to find outfits to wear to the races. Cass had a hugely successful day, finding an incredible outfit, dress, shoes, fascinator, handbag etc all for the bargain price of under $50!!! Way to go babe! I had the usual issue of being too chubba on the bottom half to find a dress that would fit everywhere so was a bit disappointed (the kind of disappointed that made me go home and eat a whole family block sized Kit Kat - like that will help the situation at all! - but hey at least I recognise that I comfort eat!!!). I did however find a pair of cherry red peep toe 4inch platform heels from Portmans that were only $9.95 (I suspect it's because they are totally impracticable to move in and they recognised that) and a matching clutch purse. Wanted to design the whole outfit around the shoes - how Imelda is that????

Friday I went into the shop late after going to Stones Corner to the factory outlets to see if I could find something there. No dresses again but a top that I liked on the rack but it turned out Saturday morning that it made me look six months' gone when I put it on and the hem fell at the widest part of my body - so not a good look - more Kit Kats required.......... Friday afternoon it was the mad dash around Garden City to find white pants for the unfortunate top (which I didn't realise was unfortunate until Saturday morning!) but settled for red 3/4 pants instead which at least went with the shoes I bought! Sat up for two hours making my fascinator - yes cos people stare fascinatedly at that thing on your head that looks like roadkill with feathers!!!! V. happy with it though and I will post a pic shortly. Made from scratch by moi, feathers, netting etc all to boot!!! I may even consider making them to sell I'm so pleasantly surprised at mine!!! lol

Race Day Saturday - got ready and was EXTREMELY unhappy with top I bought the day before - the kind of unhappy that makes you want to gouge your eyes out and cry and scream and not leave the house at all because you hate how you look. I like to think I'm fairly happy with myself and can deal with anything but it threw me that day cos I was already unhappy that I couldn't find a dress and holy crap how mad was I when the top didn't look any good either????????? So found a substitute top, threw on pants, put on the heels and tottered around like an idiot, put on minimal make up except for siren red lippie and fascinator. Happy enough that I will leave the house but still pissed that I am not wearing a cute little dress like virtually EVERY OTHER FEMALE AT THE RACECOURSE!!!!! Had a blast at the races, no winning bets, saw EVERMORE play live - absolutely fabulous and because we won the tickets through Triple M we got to meet them afterwards. Lovely boys they were too although a bit jetlagged from getting back from NEW YORK only two days before but not wanting to admit they were tired. Hey we're mothers - we know what tired boys look like!!!! lol They were very sweet, answered questions, signed autographs for us and were thoroughly nice to us. By that stage many were plastered so their patience was amazing!!! Then they had to go play at the Zoo but wish we could have kicked on with them! I changed my nose stud before I left the house in the morning - OWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Sunday Mother's Day - woken at 8am with small hands thrusting hand made cards at me along with a Mother's Day stall bought gift of a magenta pink crocheted doiley (which by the way I love) and a notebook and pencil for my handbag (so sad when my six year old even knows how badly Mummy needs to write stuff down in order for it to be remembered!!!! lol) plus a little box of lollies. My big boys didn't come home until after lunch. We went to the Rocklea markets in the morning and I appropriately got a lovely bunch of white Crysanthemums, a book to read and some chocolate fudge which I love. When Blayd and Lachie came home they gave me a furry love heart thingy and I've hung it on my bedroom door handle and Blayd gave me a lovely china mug that says Mum in nice pink filigree writing. They were all so proud of what they got me that I didn't even want anything else!!!

Today I went to work at the shop and got three whole layouts done! So impressed with myself! The fantastic and very funny and lovely Ali Stafford came to hang out with us for a few hours and we all laughed ourselves silly with observations about the scrapping world and life in general. She's a v.funny gal and can't wait for next Monday Ali if you're reading!!!! I did a layout about Caeligh for Aussie Dares which this fortnight is about wings and crowns. The only prob is that I borrowed a lyric from Avril Levigne's "Girlfriend" song and I don't know if anyone will display it now because it contains a profanity - which mind you I bleeped out with gem flowers!!!! But now I'm not sure anyone will show it and I certainly have no intention of submitting it!!! It was just a classic picture of Caeligh throwing her best Princess Poo Bum face over I can't even remember what but it was so funny to see a cranky girl with a crown and big flower wings!!! Here's hoping nobody's easily offended.......!

I've got some typing to do that I don't want to do, a sore nose because I cleaned the bath with some horrible stinky bleach stuff which I then accidentally got on my hands and then scratched my nose with, and I think I'm going to Cass's tomorrow to work on my Masters entry which to be totally honest isn't motivating me in the slightest because deep down I don't think it's my time yet so I don't feel really pumped to get into anyway. I do however think it's Cass's year so I'm all behind my favourite gal to get her stuff finished. I don't even know why I don't think it's my time but it's just a gut feeling I've got and I've learned not to ignore those cos they're usually right if only I'd listen. Okay well tomorrow I'll scan what I've done today and you'll just have to excuse the slight profanity in the crown and wings layout when you see it. I'm quoting someone else after all and it suits perfectly so I'm relinquishing responsibility to Avril from now on! I'm off to have a nice glass of red and watch the tail end of Mythbusters before Supernatural comes on. A surprisingly good night tonight where all four kids have been mostly good - okay who sedated them?????

Huge thanks for Mum and Lesh who came over last night so we could have a look at Lesh's seriously buggered computer which is her strongest link to her boy in the States. It is on the road to recovery babe I promise!!!! It was nice to have Mum here on Mother's Day (she's my birth mother and it's all a bit awkward as we don't know what we're supposed to do but I really like her as a person and she and I are so alike it's not funny - so I guess if I were to have met her through chance I would have connected with her anyway I suspect!). This might be a bit belated but thanks Joy - you gave birth to me and then made the hardest decision of your life to give me to somebody else to raise. I can't thank you enough for making the decision to continue with the pregnancy when it must have been so hard from every direction and I am in awe of your courage to relinquish me which must have broken your heart. Thank you and I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!

Well I'm off chickies (not like a bucket of prawns in the sun though!) and I'll check in soon again I promise! Hi to Jilly and also to Lusi who's such a constant even though we don't get to chat as much as we'd like! Also a big hi to the Cyberscraps forum girls - I know you lurk here even if you don't say hi!!!! lol I'll catch up on my forum posts soon too I promise. Also hi to my gorgeous and lovely cousin Angela - dont' be disappointed babe, there's always next month and I have everything here when you need it.

Big kisses and a totally cliche MWAHHHHH!!!!! Love ya's all!!!!!!! Love Lu

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Layout sharesies!!!!!

This is one I did last week with the new My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie range. I did make sure I got my three weeks' worth of photos until Caeligh gave up on ballet cos she didn't like being told what to do and just didn't have the attention span for it!!!!

I also did a "commission" layout yesterday - one where the layout is completed already and all you need to do is add your own photo. We've had a couple of people in the shop saying that they love what Cass and I do but either can't be that creative/don't have that kind of time/want something that they can give as a gift so it's a real niche market for those kind of people but it's all pocket money and I don't particularly feel like I'm "selling out" by doing that kind of work. There are also some people who just can't be bothered going to classes, buying all the stuff, etc. They just want a few nice layouts to display around their homes and they don't seem to mind that it isn't their own work so I figure why should I care?

Talk about busy this afternoon!!! I didn't walk out of the shop until 5.30 and Doug was on the phone because he was going out tonight with a mate and of course it was the one day I didn't get out of the shop dead on time!!! lol So he's not a particularly happy camper but I did my best to get home as soon as I could so he kind of slapped a kiss on me as we passed in the front yard, him leaving with his mate and me just walking in. Sweet thing had already put a roast chicken in the oven to cook for everyone and the kids were all settled when I got back so not much for me to do now except feed, bath and put to bed! He's a champ my Dougie!!!!

Tomorrow I will get around to getting a dress for the races on Saturday. Monday just didn't pan out in the greater scheme of things and to be honest I didn't really have the spare cash until now anyhow so Cass and I are just going to bite the bullet and go to the DFO with our three littlies and do the best we can.

I think I'm going to enter Scrapbook Creation's Colour Consultant contest they have announced in the latest issue. I have a layout in mind that I love so I'll use that. It's only one layout per person though, even though they have three different colour schemes to choose from and you need to send the actual layout to them. That makes me a bit nervy but what can you do?

Friday night is our first TGIF crop night at the shop. From 6pm until midnight we're going to be scrapping our little hearts out with tea, coffee, Coke and pizza plus use of our equipment for $15 per person and naturally people can buy any other supplies they wish to use while they are there. There'll be music and chatter and scrapping and I can't wait!!!!! If you want to come give the shop a ring and book your good self a seat - we'd love to see you!

Ali Stafford came into the shop today to teach a class. That girl is a hoot!!!!! Oh she got on with Cass and I like a house on fire and we found so many things to laugh and chat about. We're scrapping together on Monday so I totally can't wait for that. She's so much fun and a really lovely gal as well. How cool is it that this craft brings friends as well as fulfillment?????!!!!!! Absolutely cool!!!!!
Hey Lusi thanks for the phone call last night! I know you are super-busy so I appreciate you taking the time out. Now it's my turn to ring you!!!!! Loved the SC layouts btw - saw them today when I bought my copy - stunning as usual my dear!!!!!

Have a good night my lovelies and I'll talk to you tomorrow! Luvva Luvva Lu!!!!

Oh I did a bad thing!!!

Poor Caeligh has been getting really jack of her long hair in the last week, having it always in her mouth, in her food and generally getting in her way. She has only ever had one tiny trim in her whole life as I guess I was determined that if I finally got a little girl I'd grow her hair long and it would be beautiful - which I did and it is but I realised how upset she was getting when no matter how many clips I put in it, it wouldn't keep out of her face. I felt a bit bad then and realised I was keeping it long for my sake and really she wasn't enjoying having long hair anyway. At 3 it's just a pain in the ass to have to brush it out twice per day and have it plaited before bed to try to keep down the knots and no matter which style I did it in, she would pull out her pony tail, piggy tails or plaits during the day anyway and go back to looking a bit like Cousin It!
So yesterday - before I lost my nerve - I took her to get her hair cut!!!! EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!
But as you can see we only went as far as shoulder length and I had a fringe cut back in for her. It looks just gorgeous on her actually and I was so surprised at how pretty she looks. Certainly looks different than she used to!!! lol She didn't give the hairdresser too much trouble and she even said she liked the new cut so that's good. I can't wait to take her to kindy today and watch them all gasp in horror!!! They all love her long hair even if they do have to keep re-doing her ponytail five times a day but I'm sure they'll get used to it quickly when they see what a stunner she is now.
I've already been to the gym this morning because Doug's going out tonight so no time to do it later. Jumped on the scales again this morning too before I left. 85.7kg!!!! That's a good result as when I start at the gym two weeks ago I was 88.9kgs!!!!! I have cut back on the junk in my diet and replaced breakfast with a protein shake (the pre-made ones from Woolworths, there are a few different brands but I think I get the PLP ones and they're v.yummy which is completely necessary if I'm going to try things like that otherwise I just don't stick with them) but it's obviously been the exercise that's made all the difference and I'm really happy. It means I'm only 200g off my halfway point of shedding the 6kg (which actually was more like 8kg when I took a good honest look at the scales) that I've put on since Christmas. I'm really enjoying the gym but when I went in this morning I was told they are having a "take over" on Friday and so we don't know if they gym will be open or not. Apparently all our direct debits have been put on hold so we won't be paying anything until it's sorted out but I feel bad for the staff because they're all so motivational and really helpful. I also like that gym. The big gym at Forest Lake is full of muscles and beautiful people and I don't want to have to look at them every time I walk in (and have to wait for machines either cos they're so busy) which is why I chose the one I went to. It's quiet as the people who go there are sort of more spread out during the day instead of just crazy busy in the mornings and after dinner at night. I love that I've NEVER had to wait for a machine and I've usually been there either 9am-ish after dropping off kids or after dinner at about 6.30pm or so. I so hope things work out and the owners can let someone else take over if they can't continue and the lovely staff won't lose their jobs and I don't lose my gym!!!! I can't think of anywhere else in Forest Lake that I'd want to go instead so it's going to put a real crimp in the whole weight loss thing if the gym closes. Fingers crossed for Friday. The owners apparently came in a couple of nights ago after the gym closed and took things that they owned like the lockers from the change rooms, the cash register, the computer and the data projectors for the big screen tv's and the poor trainers came in the next morning thinking they'd been robbed before they rang the owners to tell then and then heard what actually happened. I think it's unfair that they've been given so little notice as well.
I'm off to the shop today to do some commission layouts which means that basically I do a layout without a photograph and leave a space for someone to put their own photo in. I don't understand commission work myself, I've always set the direction of my layouts from the photo but apparently there are people who don't have time, the inclination or self-confidence to do layouts themselves and are happy to pay for a pre-made layout. Oh well, if it works it's all pocket money.
Have a good day chickies! Cya, Lu

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Happy birthday to me - I'm 103!!!!! (well minus 70 but who's counting!)

Oh time marches on and I'm another year older but also happier, smarter, wiser and more comfortable in my own skin. Speaking of skin, my birthday present today was that very thing I said I would do as one of the three biggies for this year - the nose piercing, the tattoo and the karaoke. My kids all eagerly chipped in money with DH and I went out today and had a hole put in me where God had not intended one to be. And yes, it hurt like buggery (but if you're a Blackadder fan you'll know that nothing hurts like buggery!!!!!) but it was over in thirty seconds. I was kind of hoping they'd use the gun like they do for ears but this guy was serious and out come the hollow biopsy needle instead. He then proceeded to show me a short stainless steel rod about half an inch in diameter and cut on the diagonal at the top. That, he informed me cheerily, was going up my nose. It's to provide some resistance under the flesh for the needle to go through and it also stops him stabbing you a second hole right through your septum of your nose as well. I was willing to go without that second hole so we got right down to business. How considerate of him - he even told me it would sting and that my eyes would water. What a clairvoyant that kid was - and to me he seemed like a kid but with far more holes in him than God ever intended too. Once the needle was through he removed the stainless steel tube and because I basically couldn't bear to open my eyes at this point I just kept them closed and could feel the tip of the needle sticking out of the end of my nose. (Apologies for weak-stomached dear readers at this point - cheer up, at least you didn't find out about this kind of thing first hand!!! lol). He then, even more cheerily than before, informed me that the painful part was yet to come. Nose studs have a bent or coiled post to stop them from falling out and my pink bling stud (scrapper at heart here folks!!!!) had the coiled post kind and the only way to get it into the hole all the way through is to SCREW IT IN!!!!!!! Oh he wasn't kidding - that was the more painful part (this whinge coming from a woman who's had four kids - one labour that lasted 27 hours and 40 stitches too!!!!) but as soon as it was in it felt better right away and within five minutes I couldn't feel it at all. I think I was more worried about stuff like whether it would disloge if I sneezed or blew my nose but it's okay on both those counts. So now I just have to get used to the slightly strange sensation of my peripheral vision picking up that I have some foreign object on one side of my nose and remembering that it's permanant and actually meant to be there!

So there ya go! I've now proudly crossed the first of my three ambitions for this year off my list. I'd love some ink but I'm in the process of going to the gym and losing some weight and I'd really like to get further along the weight loss path before I go having something permanently drawn on my body (there's nothing sexy about a shruken tatoo!!!!) so I have to think the karaoke will be next. Cass and I and our respective menfolk are going to the races on Saturday to the Triple M Trackside Marquee for what will essentially amount to a chance to dress up, wear something that looks like the aftermath of a pheasant shoot on our heads and basically bask in the free food and open bar. I can only assume that after a whole day of that I'll be primed for some truly classic embarrassing karaoke but the blissful part is that hopefully I won't remember too much about it. I have terrible nerves and even though I sing all day every day I still am horrified at the idea of anybody but my DH, my kids and my Cass hearing me!!! I know I'm not awful, just nervous. Having a passable voice does not a confident karaoke-er make!!!
I'm even happy with the couple of quick snaps I took in the bathroom mirror so that must reflect some kind of acceptance and maturity!
Thanks for stopping by.....have a quick indulgence for me, a glass of wine, a shot of something naughty or a slice of something wicked if you prefer. Today my motto is "Viva La Acceptance!!!!" - rough translation is "do what you want and don't give a s**t what anybody thinks!!!!!!"
Later chickies, Lu (with an extra hole that God did not intend but I love nonetheless!!!!!)

Friday, 4 May 2007

Still alive!!!

Hiyall! Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here! It's been one of those weeks where everything has kind of caught up with me and all I've wanted to do is sit on the couch and vegetate! So that's pretty much what I've I worked Monday, Tuesday (cos Cath was sick), Wednesday and again today so I feel like I have barely been home this week.

I've been finally (FINALLY!!!) hit with inspiration for Masters and have all my ideas sorted out. Mind you I haven't actually DONE anything with the ideas but at least I've written them down so I remember what to do when I get a minute. The single layout is going to be an idea I've had for a while now but for electrical safety reasons I have had to modify (don't even ask - hopefully eventually you'll see - when the Masters edition comes out!!!! lol talk about wishful thinking), the double layout I have the design sorted out for but still umming and ahhing on the topic, the decorative storage solution is going to be the weakest part of my entry because I just couldn't come up with anything AMAZING, so it's just going to be average and hope that the rest of the entries are good enough to carry it along, and the mini album about me is so totally removed from an actual album that I hope it still qualifies!!! and it will also require some flame retardant I have you thinking yet???? Yep "what the ??????" is exactly right!

I'm in for a busy weekend this weekend. I'm off to the gym tonight and my little sis is coming with me. Tomorrow I have a date with Miss Cass and the Stitches and Craft show in the afternoon. There are a few ideas I need to work on for the Masters stuff and I'm sure I'm going to need supplies from the show and Cass is giving me some spending monies for my birthday on Sunday so that's where the cash is going to go. Gee I hope SM appreciate me spending my birthday money on this stuff!!!! lol Tomorrow night I think Cass and I were going to take the fams to have sushi somewhere and then on Sunday I hopefully won't have to do much of anything. Monday Cass and I are going to the DFO to go clothes shopping - again something that rarely ever happens except for a special occasion - and the occasion this time is that Cass and I both won tickets from Triple M to go to their Trackside Party at Doomben next Saturday. Evermore are playing which is v.exciting!!!! Even more exciting is the open bar and full buffet lunch!!!! Still more exciting is an excuse to dress up to the extent that I will need a hat or a fascinator of some kind. I've never been to the races ever and I couldn't care less about the gee-gees basically but I do love an excuse to dress up and have a party so I'm looking forward to it. It's also a day out for the grown-ups too and we all know how rare that is. I did have a fascinator kit that I bought from Spotlight (a fascinator is a bunch of netting and feathers and stuff you wear perched on your noggin - I guess it's called a fascinator because people stare in fascination, wondering what the f**k is that on your head lady?????"). Anyhoo back to the fascinator - I bought a kit with a big black netting flower and some long black and red feathers but in true scrapper style I dismantled the flower and feathers and used them on a layout instead!!!! lol Oh well - a month ago I never knew I'd need a fascinator but I did know I needed some black netting and feathers for a layout idea. So back to the drawing board and I hope I find something useable at the DFO. I don't even own a dress so goodness knows what I'll end up with but I really want to try and find one. The prob is my bottom half is a size bigger than my top half so dresses always gape up top and grab my bum, tum and hips like a drunk in a bar down the bottom and it never looks right so I just don't bother.

Well I'd best go as I have to perform some kind of culinary magic with little or no food in the kitchen - Doug did the shopping last week and for some reason didn't buy any meat so I may have to duck out shortly and get something for the hoards to eat before I go to the gym.

Later babes, Lu

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Fancy Pants Stamps winner

Huge hooray for Charmane who was drawn as the winner of the Fancy Pants Chic Alpha stamp set!!!! Charmane if you can email me (my email is in my Blogger profile) your address I can send your stamps to you.

I don't have a RAK for this week as I'm in the shop every day but Thursday so I'm a bit rushed off my feet this week!! I'm enjoying the experience though and I'm here all alone today so if anyone is planning on coming in then please be nice as I'm only new at the whole register/eftpos thingy!!!

I had a lady come in for a class this morning. We usually have a minimum of two people but she was really nice and wanted to get started ASAP on an album for her son so she came in and I helped her around serving a couple of customers. She was so proud of herself when she finished her first layout - I think she was surprised she could do it but I think she's a natural, especially when she told me she had to put a certain photo in a certain place on the layout because that's where the photo told her it wanted to go!!!! Not schizophrenic hearing voices but the inner voice of a freestyle scrapper I might venture!!! She's coming back on Friday as we now have an all day crop on Fridays from 9.30am to 2.30pm (fitting in with mummy times) with $10 covering morning tea (tea, coffee, Coke and something nice from the bakery next door as well as use of all our tools and Sizzix machine, stamps, etc.) and every second Friday night we're going to have a TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) night crop from 6pm until midnight for the real stayers!!! Come along if you can. Give us a ring at the shop and we'll put your name down. Right now it's $10 for tea, coffee, Coke and nibblies but we're tossing up an extra $5 per person to have pizza delivered (don't tell my personal trainer though!!!). We've chocked up the class schedules now so basically we're doing two beginner, an intermediate chipboard techniques class and a more advanced distressing techniques class and they'll just run over and over for the whole month so there will always be at least a few dates and times to choose from if you have trouble fitting classes into your schedule. At the moment we have classes every morning, afternoon and evening (except for Fridays when we crop, Saturday nights and Sunday nights).

Speaking of gym before, I didn't end up going last night :( We had a really late day as I had to close at the shop so didn't leave until 4.45pm and then had to drive to Cass's and pick up the boys who had walked home to her place with her boys (huge TAAAAA to Cass for watching them for me!) then I realised I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer yesterday morning (my bad) so dinner wasn't up until 7.30pm (honestly you'd think I starve those kids on a regular basis the way they whined about it!!! lol) and the gym closes at 8pm so sorry Liam - it just didn't happen last night!

I am going to go tonight though as Blayd has karate from 6.30pm until 8pm so I'll go during those times and pick him up on the way home. Doug is at home today (babysitting Caeligh cos I had to be in the shop today at short notice) so dinner will be Daddy's problem methinks! Oh better ring him and tell him otherwise it will be "what's the number for pizza?" when dinnertime rolls around!

Caeligh was a really good girl last night which more than makes up for her Sunday of terror. She went and put "princess pants" on at bedtime which are basically Pull-Ups which she wears at night in case of accidents and then she went and brushed her hair and brushed her teeth by herself. She was in a really lovely mood and was such a good girl. Doug and I sat and looked at each other and started singing the Twightlight Zone theme song right at the same time!!!! lol Invasion of the body snatchers maybe? I don't know but I'd love for that kind of behaviour to be the norm for her so we gave her lots of kisses and cuddles and praise for being such a good girl. Fingers crossed.....

Hiya Lesh!!!! Sorry I haven't rung but I guess you can tell I'm snowed under YET AGAIN!!!! Oh and talk about a stroke of luck for my little sister - she scored a job at the Roma Street Fire Station. YuMMMMMMYYYY firemen to look at all day long!!!!!! I tell ya girl I'm going to be visiting you for lunch, Cass says she'll come too but please can we eat at the fire station and not go out??? I'll bring something nice and you provide the atmosphere!!! Ga-rowl!!! Delish!!!!

I'm up to my proverbials in sorting out the paperwork for the classes and costings and stuff so I'm going to go but I will be a good Blogger and get back very soon.

Love ya, Lu

Mmmmmmm Slider Love