Monday, 15 October 2007

What am I scrapping?

We got in all our new My Mind's Eye stock last week at Cyberscraps (the October offer is still going if you want to grab some goodies and get a 50% store credit for whatever you spend - postage excluded etc) and I decided to sit down and do some craft knife work which I haven't done in AGES! So I've used two pieces of the same paper and just cut out the flower shapes out of one with a craft knife and then used pop dots to layer them over the original sheet. I've also gone a bit berko with aqua and beige souffle pens and done lots of outlining and using the cut out shapes to trace around and then fill in the pattern by hand with the souffle pens (that hand drawn part along the bottom). Thanks to Lusi for your fabulous photo of Doug and I - I really should let other people do the shooting from time to time!

Now THIS gorgeous young man is Cass's boy Ronin - a cherub if ever there was one - in looks anyway!!! He's very much like caeligh - can't see the horns on the outside!!! lol I've used some ScrapWare chipboard flourishes and those drop dead gorgeous flowers are our new Prima range that came in last week as well. They are satin and look old and vintage dyed and they are just beautiful.
This week is update week for most of the challenge blogs so there will be a new OLW (didn't even get around to doing the current one), a new AAE challenge (which was my Pink layout), there will be a new Dare this week (I've missed you guys even if it's only been two weeks!!!!) and of course tomorrow there will be a new Everyday Garbage challenge and I'm still putting the finishing touches on that one - slack me!!!
The weight loss is going well - 1kg down since this time last week even though I haven't been able to get to the gym over the weekend with all the running around for wedding stuff. We went to the reception place Saturday afternoon and sat down with the head chef and the functions manager and just went over what we wanted. It's almost exactly what I had planned but I'll have to make a few changes here and there and I can deal with that. Then we took the kids down to the beach at Wellington Point (where we're going to have the ceremony) and after having a look around I think I would far and away prefer to have the ceremony in the park under the fig trees as the sand isn't really dry white sand like a normal beach but wet packed sand. We can always venture down to the sand for pics after the ceremony. So something else to sort out in my head about how to go about setting up, etc. The hardest part about being the bride is that everything I would normally set up myself I can't do as I'm supposed to be getting ready!!! lol Maybe there's a teeny weeny bit of control freak in there somewhere as I'd really love to be the one to set up the ceremony area and I'd love to be there early setting up the reception tables for dinner as well but I'm going to have to hand those things over to others unfortunately. I'm sure it will all work out just fine whoever does it!
Okay I'm back to work now. I have typing to do plus invitations to print out. Cass and I are making them ourselves tomorrow and as of yet I have very little idea of what I want them to look like!!! lol I've got the new Fancy Pants "fron the garden" stamps that I might use cos they're gorgeous as well as some suede finish frangipanis and crystal brads. We'll see what comes together!
Take care, love Lu


Jodi said...

Those invitations sound like they will be gorgeous.... dont forget to post a photo so we can have a sticky!!
Love those layouts!!! Why isnt that great stuff on the website!! LOL Lvoe those flowers, ME WANT SOME!!!

kerry said...

Lu you are going great guns with the wedding arrangments yes we do want a sticky beak at the invites.Cant wait to see your dress either.take care Love Kerry xo

Brigitte said...

Wowww love those Los btw !!
and yes !! me too i want to see the dress, the invites all !!!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love