Monday, 19 November 2007

It's the final countdown!

See!! I actually have gotten some scrapping done but apart from wedding stuff I've done not much else! lol It's been two crazy weeks of living at the gym, writing and re-writing lists of things to do and forgetting half of what I should be writing on those lists, and wrangling kids, resigning from my typing job cos I've just had enough of being routinely jerked around for not nearly enough money and helping with a retreat at Cath's house for the totally fabulous Cyberscraps gals which turned into a hen's night ambush (details to follow later in the week but the photographs may never see the light of the blogsphere EVER!!!! lol).

Just wanted to check in for anyone who still bothers to read!!! lol I've put Everyday Garbage on hold for two weeks and given up on all my regular challenge blogs I love to participate in just because I feel like my brain is over-full and I still can't find room to remember the important stuff. Only six days until the wedding now so the stress levels are pretty high no matter what I tell myself and I'll be glad when it's all over (isn't that awful?!?!) but then Christmas is ready to step up and take its place so I don't know how long it will be until life calms down again - maybe January?!?!?!

Anyway I'll update when I can but wanted to share what I've been up to. OH forgot to say- I got an article accepted for Scrapbook Creations!!!! YAY!!!! They are the one mag that have never accepted anything from me EVER so it's exciting to finally break the SC curse and in such big style too!!! lol

Okay I'm off to the shop today for the last time until after the wedding so wish me a productive day and all of you guys have a great week and thank you for everyone who has emailed or commented with encouragement and tips on how to retain my sanity- it's all very much appreciated!!! lol

Chat soon, love Lu


Nat-Mardon said...

How exciting Lu! Less than a week now. I look forward to seeing the pics!!! Praying for some time to rest this week for you.

kerry said...

Hi Lu , I hope that your plans all come together okay.I will be thinking of you and your wedding.Thanks for the fab time on the weekend it was great especially the hens night wink wink!!love Kerry

Brigitte said...

Hi LU !!
first of all...awesome awesome awesome LOs there !! they are BEAUDIIIIFUL !!!
and....nearly i wish you all the very best for your special day and remember.... ENJOY bcos it's YOUR DAY AND DOUG, YOUR special day to remember !! ;)

Jodie said...

hey lu!!
congrats on the stunning wedding, saw the pics on cass's blog, you looked so beautiful :D

also love your pages, the tripod one is so perfect!! hehe genius!

congrats on cracking sc, their a great mag :D

Aleshia said...

Hey i finally made a blog lol

Mmmmmmm Slider Love