Monday, 11 August 2008

Outback Scrap - Hughenden 15,16 an 17 August 2008

These are the two projects I'm doing for Outback Scrap this weekend.  It's going to be a really fun weekend of scrapping and running amok in the beautiful Queensland outback!!  If you are a local or you don't mind a drive (a really looooong drive!) then you can give Lindy a call on (07) 47410385 or Karen on (07) 4741 1911 to find out more info, class descriptions, sizes, costs, etc, plus the low down on things like how to get there, accommodation and all the other things to do while visiting the region.  Both of these ladies have been absolutely amazing in organising this event for the Flinders Poppy Arts, Crafts and Resources Group and have overcome some massive obstacles to be able to put on what is sure to be a fantastic weekend of scrapping and fun.

Cass and I are already starting to pack as we have an early flight on Thursday morning up to Townsville, where we spend one night, before flying out to Hughenden early Friday morning.  I'm really looking forward to catching up with my aunt Anne (my birth mother's sister), whom I've only met once, and my birth mother's parents whom I have never met in person.  It's certainly been a long 34 years for them as the last time they saw me was in the hospital after I was born.  I'm hoping to catch up with them for a couple of hours when we get to Townsville as they live there.  All of our kits are already being couriered up as they are too heavy for the flight to Hughenden also so hopefully they will arrive today or tomorrow.  I'll feel more relaxed once we know they've arrived.

As for home, we've all been sick here.  We've all had a cold for the last couple of weeks and then Caeligh brought home a gastro bug on Wednesday afternoon from kindy.  The poor thing was so sick and so I spent Thursday looking after her but then by the early  hours of Friday morning I had the same thing and I have never been so sick in my life!!!  I wound up in hospital trying to find an anti-nausea drug that would work and I lost 5kg in three days.  That's good from a weight loss perspective but cruddy in that as soon as I start eating again it will all come back.  Right now all I can stomach is water, Gatorade, diet shakes (I was sure the milk would not agree with me but seems all good) and fruit.  That's literally all I can eat right now.  I guess it's one way to change bad eating habits!!!! lol  So Blayd and James got sick too over the weekend and Doug and Lachie seemed to be unscathed, how I'll never know.  It's so weird that some people get it and some don't.  But because my immune system was already down because of the cold I had, which is why I got such a bad bout of gastro to begin with, now that I'm slowly recovering from that, my cold is worse than ever so I'm also living on vitamins and Codral to get through the week.  I just want to feel human again in time for Thursday!!!  I've never been on a plane so I'm really excited now and it turns out that Thursday is a student free day here so all the kids will be coming to the airport to see me off as well which is cool.  Doug and I have never been apart in 11 years as we will be this week, five nights, and he's already telling me he'll miss me.  I'll miss them too but there's a part of me that's really looking forward to going and having that freedom and independence that comes from being away from home and family and not having to worry about anyone but yourself, even for a few days.  It's a great restorative but not many mothers get the chance to do it.  

I'm going to go and get started with my work for the day.  I have to try to make up for what I won't be earning while I'm away.  I'm also going to go make a shake and find some fruit to eat.  I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to blog again before I go because I have a busy few days with stuff to finish for Kaisercraft as well as something for Scrapbooking Memories plus work plus packing etc so if I don't chat to you all again have a great week and I'll be sure to post some pics when I get back.  I'm trying to convince Doug to let me take his laptop so I can check email and stuff while I'm gone but he's funny about giving me something valuable like a laptop.  I'm just as likely to leave it on the plane or in the ladies room!!!! lol  Chat soon, Lu xx

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kerry said...

Have a great trip i'm sure you will.Being sick is the pits get well soon.Take care Kerry xx

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