Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Something I am VERY grateful for!

Today I am grateful (and very thankful to God) for protecting my Doug as he drove to work and a massive crash happened right in front of him only 20 minutes ago.  He was just missed by an out of control car which veered across his path and then smashed into the side of a truck in the lane next to him and bounced off and slid back toward him, missing him in our car by only a couple of metres.

He rang me after doing the rescue thing and making sure eveyrone in the vehicles were all okay (which everyone was, another thing to be thankful for) to let me know because he knew if I heard it on the radio or TV Iwould have been worried.  The first thing he said to me was "Do you know I love you?  Really love you more than anything else in the world?".  I was a bit confused, said "I love you too babe, I just don't like your mother much"  See we'd had a disagreement about his mother before he left so we weren't on the best of terms, not fighting but a bit stand-off-ish with each other because we hadn't resolved the issue we'd been talking about.  So I figured he was ringing to smooth things over with me!  Then he said "No, forget her, forget everything else and all the bullshit.  I love you more than anything.  I've just seen the biggest accident of my life right in front of me".  Then he filled me in on all the awful details and my heart is still pounding as I think about it.  He was moments away from being taken away from us or very badly hurt.  He wasn't.  I am so grateful to God for watching over him and even if I can't write on my blog what I'm thankful for (because I'm a bad, inconsistent blogger) I do promise to take more moments to tell God that I am thankful for what I have.

Sorry not meant to be a big religious spiel or anything but I just thought I would share because our whole family's life could have changed forever today, just one moment, just a second, could have changed everything.  I'm now sorry for having a tiff with Doug this morning over something that doesn't really matter in the perspective of what's just happened.  And you know what?  I didn't even hug him goodbye before he left because I was cranky - that will never happen again.   Today was obviously meant to teach us both something and I think it has.  I promise to be more grateful, more thankful and more appreciative because what we have in life can vanish so quickly.  This is where the really warm, fuzzy bloggers tell you to go hug your kids a bit tighter.  I'll just say take a moment to think about how quick life can change and then you decide what to do with that.

Have a SAFE Tuesday, Lu xx


Sandra said...

Things like this do tend to change your perspective of everything don't they, so pleased to know that all is well Lu.
Thanks for the great weekend.

brigitte said...

Bonjour beaudiful Lu !!
OMG sooo sorry haven't visited for soooo long but...sooo many things and ....sooo little time to do them.
thanks for sharing this story and this note...i had shivers when i read it. we always are soo busy in our world and forget to take time to appreciate little things until sometimes..it's too late. but lucky for you and your family, all is well :)

lusi said...

wow mate what a moment of clarity hey. think we all needed to hear that.
God bless you mate and love to everyone,
lus x
ps: looks like you girls had a rad time up north recently!!!! wooohoooo!!!! go girls!!!! xox

Louise said...

Wow , thankful too mate!!!!


Melissa Kennedy said...

I think we all take the little things of every day for granted and truthfully it wouldn't hurt any of us to thank God more each and every day...
Im so thankful too Lu that hubby is OK and the accident missed him.. Every now and again God throws us a wake up call...
love you

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