Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sad Smack

Firstly, big congrats to the new Kaisercraft DT girls - they will all do a fab job I'm sure and wish them all every success as they start on what will be a fun, creative journey.

Thank you to the person who emailed me to let me know about this:  

You know the scrapping world has come to a shitty state when I got smacked on a smackblog for not doing enough work for Kaisercraft by someone who reads my blog, knows why I haven't been doing any scrapping and thus why I wasn't reapplying for the KC DT and smacked me for it anyway, while failing to mention why in their big, bad, anonymous blog post.

I even replied to it - begging for an even more thorough smacking no doubt! - because the world is full of people who love to make assumptions and don't even need a fraction of truth or knowledge to base them on.

For the record, if the anonymous world of smack thinks I'm an average scrapper, good for you.   Funny how you never see them offer up their own work for criticism, isn't it?

Get a life.  You suck.  (not you guys, just the anon smacker!).

L xx


Kat Browne said...

They're just a whiny, petty little snot who resents that Kaiser weren't awed by their entry. Yet another hack who would rather verbally dissect others than work on improving themselves, how unique in the smack blog world.

Tanya said...

Those people are really really SAD! Don't listen to them Lu - your work is beautiful!!

Chris Millar said...

There's some really sad people in the world isn't there?!! Hope you just brush this off mate! I'm glad I live under a mushroom, I didn't even know there was a smackblog anymore!
Rise above it mate!

Melissa Kennedy said...

i agree Lu, don't worry of any of them - some of the comments that have been coming out after people haven't been accepted are attrocious (that is probably spelt wrong) - i love your work and we all know why you haven't been able to do much lately.
Take care and see you soon.

Jasmine said...

Hi Lu
I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rought time of it lately :( I didn't know there was still one of those horrid smack blogs around either. Like these other ladies have said - I hope you let whatever was said just roll off your back. If all these "anonymous" people are so passionate about the garbage they spew out why not put their name to it? You know why, cos it's all trash & they know it!!!
I know I'm not the only one who thinks you are way more than an average scrapbooker! I've always thought your work is stunning right back from the old days at SAM :)

Hoping and praying you get some answers/solutions regarding your health really soon too.
Love Jas xx

Jane Ettia Jones said...

so sorry to see that Lu and looks like I got included in that smack as well....but don't take it to heart because they don't know you, they dont' care and they never will because there a pack of losers with nothing better to do than make assumptions about people.

I think I will also be getting some more flack from it because i replied as well.

And yes those anon people suck hairy dogs you know whats.

Gizmo said...

Hi sweetie, I had no idea there was another smack blog around and to have your name come up is just ridiculous @@@@
Big hugs to you hun and don't listen to those cows!

Lisamariemlt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisamariemlt said...

hey there
I come by every now and then
love your pages
love your attitude
and love your take on things
I can't imagine people being the way they are
it blows my mind
then again
it's usually the ones who are nasty that I don't want to understand
from a person on the other side of the world
who thinks you are one kewl chick
keep doing what yah do

was me who deleted the last comment
sorry the blonde here fits sometimes lol

Brigitte G. from the Blue mountains :) said...

ohhh ?? i thought i had left a comment last time ?? maybe it didn't work... i always have trouble to leave comments with blogspot :(
anyway beaudiful Lu...i am sooo sorry i missed to catch-up with you last w-end at Brisbane show !! i saw a glimpse of Cass and had a class with Jill but couldn't see you :( what a pity...i would have looooved to all finally meet you girls !!!
anyway, all the best and hope one day maybe if you have a chance to come down to Sydney :)

Have a great w-end :)

Debra said...

Oh...what a cow!!!
Let it go...her @@@@ not yours..
Love your children, pick a flower...enjoy this beautiful time of year in SEQ and know that you have many friends who adore your work.
Happy Day :)
Oh...and i left something special on my blog for you :)

Mmmmmmm Slider Love