Friday, 25 January 2008

How cool is this storage?!?!?!?

Doug found this storage container at Crazy Clark's for a tiny $5!!! It even came with 600 pieces of hardware, stuff like nails, screws, wall plugs, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. I've already cleaned him out of the bits and pieces from that that I thought I could use for scrapping and then tipped it all out and handed the bits back to him in a cup and kept the storage container!!! lol I've got all my little flowers in it as well as some other knick knacks and bits and pieces that I use. It's made up of five 1" high donut shaped containers and the lid lifts up. Each "donut" is divided into five sections and the dividers are built into the lid as well so stuff doesn't get mixed up. The five "donuts" all slide onto a cylinder with a little carry handle at the top. The cylinder is hollow and the handle comes off so you could store things like pens etc inside that as well. How cool is that for a ridiculous $5???? I'm going to look for a few more to keep at home on my scrap desk.
We've been busy tonight at CyberScraps first cybercrop of the year. The challenges are up if you want to come over and have a look-see at
We'll be playing all weekend if you're in need of some inspiration and I've also just put up the February Get Real Challenge as well. Jodi is doing some thumpin good work with her Celebrate 2008 challenge which is new for this year as Jodi is our very latest Design Team member for CyberScraps. Welcome aboard, we love your work girl!!!
Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend (sympathies to those who have to work). In a very patriotic move Doug is planning to have a barbeque at some time over the weekend and invite some friends round. Being Scottish I haven't seen him do anything patriotic unless it involved Scotland but he's decided to go with it this year and who am I to argue? So we'll be hosting a barbie at our place either Sunday or Monday and the kids are all geared up for a game of cricket. I may even go so far as to let them get Australian flag temporary tattoos etc so they can really get into the spirit of the occasion! Caeligh is always just happy for someone to let her have pictures all over her arms - it's just nicer if she doesn't draw them herself with permanent ink Sharpies!!!
I'm off to bed but have a fantastic weekend and remember to celebrate Australia Day anyway you can, no matter how big or small. We're a very lucky bunch us Aussies!!!
Chat soon, love Lu

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kerry said...

wow that storage thigo is awsome we dont have crazy clarks holds heaps.

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