Monday, 21 January 2008

More warm up layouts - not great but hey, it's a start! lol

Yep,they're all very different and none of them is what I'd call particularly good but you sometimes need to just get the mediocre out of your system so you can focus a bit better. I'm hoping to get back into challenge blogs soon - my own included!!! So there will be more layouts soon plus I'm doing one for CyberScraps very first cybercrop of the year which kicks off on Friday night. Make sure you've got some Chrissy photos on hand if you want to join in but dont' forget that some of us CyberScraps girls like a bit of a twist! Shhhh can't say anything else!
Back to work tomorrow after a day in the shop today with Blayd and Lachlann who were mostly bored off their tits, except that Lachlann likes to scrap and can waste a considerable amount of producing while amusing himself whereas all Blayd wanted to do was go across the street to the park which turned out to be no fun because Lachlann spent the whole park visit moaning about how he'd rather be scrapping!!! lol It's like those stickers on cars that say "I'd rather be fishing". Poor Blayd the jock by nature has no tolerance for Lachie and his scrapping ways. They spend hours facing off, calling each other jock or geek, sport nut or dork. Thank goodness school goes back next week!!!!
Apart from the usual, near constant bitching at each other the kids are all good. Doug and I, on the other hand, can't wait to see the arse-end of these holidays. They've been waaaaaaaaay too long for everyone, especially as we haven't gotten to go away for a break at all. Maybe by Easter school hols we'll afford a couple of days somewhere but that's a ways off yet. I'm back to my three days of proper work this week and funny how I dread it. I don't mind the work itself - I'm sad - I like to type- but I don't like having to dress up in "business" wear every day and hike my butt half an hour into the inner city. Give me a well paid, type in my jammies job any day!!! lol Another goal for this year - secure that great, well paid, type in my jammies job!
I'm off to bed but thank you for having a visit and a look-see. It's nice to be back in the habit.
Much love to you for taking the time to have a read. Love, Lu


Jilly said...

stunning as always Lue!

kerry said...

Hi Lu the album is beautiful good luck and good to see that you are blogging again.

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