Monday, 31 March 2008

New For Old Sale at Cyberscraps!


SUNDAY 13 APRIL 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
• Do you have half-used packets of chipboard in your stash that contain only the wrong letters?

• Do you have paper that you loved once upon a time and now can't stand?

• Did you buy a magic gadget and you've used it twice?

Bring it to the CyberScraps' New for Old Sale – get rid of the stuff you don't need and stock up on new goodies for just the registration fee!

How it works:

• Register with us by Saturday 5 April and pay a $5.00 registration fee.

• Make a list of your items – keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to us (see the required format below – we will be using this list to charge customers for your items and to issue your credit at the end of the sale, so you must follow this format). You can download a .pdf version of the inventory form here so that you can print it out, or as a Word document here. If you complete the inventory form by hand, please use a dark-coloured pen (not pencil) and write very legibly.

• Mark your items with your initials followed by a number for each item – for example, if you're Jane Smith the first item you're selling would be marked JS1, the second item JS2, etc.

• If you have multiples of the same item (for example, three sheets of the same paper which you're selling separately) each one must have a separate number and must be listed separately.

• Mark your items with the price .

• Deliver your items to us between 4.30pm Saturday 12 April and 8.00am Sunday 13 April.

• At the end of the day we will total the amount your items brought, and issue you with a store credit for that amount – depending on the popularity of the sale, we may not be able to finish totalling sales until Monday.


• Use pencil to mark your initials, the number and price on the cut-off strip of double-sided paper – mark single-sided papers on the back.

• Stickers are great for pre-packaged items (chipboard, tools, etc) and can be bought from OfficeWorks or larger newsagents.

• You can package together multiple items (for example, several sheets of paper) but people are more likely to buy individual items.

Not in Brisbane?

If you can send us your stash, marked as above, with the completed inventory by Thursday, 10 April we'll happily sell it on your behalf and you'll receive an online credit voucher. However, you MUST think about what you'll do with unsold items – if we post them back to you, the cost of postage will be deducted from your sales credit. Download the inventory form as a .pdf file here, or as a Word document by clicking here – fill it in, keep a copy for yourself and send us a copy with your stash.

Coming to buy some goodies?

We'll accept payment for items by cash, VisaCard, MasterCard or EFTPOS - the transaction minimum for cards is $10.00.


Call us on 07 3274 5522 during business hours or email Cath if you'd like more information.

Bonus for non-scrappers:

The Cystic Fibrosis bookshop (supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Trust) nextdoor is having a 50% off sale that weekend - someplace to send your non-scrapping companions!

Example of list format for Jane Smith:
Item name

JS1  Chatterbox paper  $0.20

JS2  Chatterbox paper  $0.20

JS3  Sizzix machine  $50.00

JS4  Sizzix die  $70.00

Now that I've finally finished sorting through my desk and my entire stash it sounds like a good idea to me!!!

I haven't really been up to much else...... okay well that's a fib.....I've been having a few new things going on in the background that I can't really say too much about just yet...I've spent a small fortune that I didn't really have to spend on a mail-out for my typing business (but you know what they say - you've gotta spend money to make money) and countless hours doing up letters, resumes, envelopes, yadda yadda.  I've had to take a four day temp job this week because the mail out stretched an already thin budget but I have to say it has paid off already with my first new client starting with me next week and wanting to refer a colleague as well so it's a good start.  The kids only have three days of school left until a week of holidays which is also really handy because Doug will be at home too and I need the car on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do pick up and drop off for this new client.  

Poor James is standing next to me asking why I type so fast!!! lol  I told him it was my job and he asked "why can't you just type slower?".  Lol I don't make any money that way!

I had to sit a typing test yesterday with the recruitment company who were offering the temp job.  I haven't sat a formal typing speed test in years and a small part of me got snarky and wondered why I had to prove myself because I've been doing this for so long now but I know that lots of people aren't quite so genuine about their experience and figure they'll make up something good and then learn as they go.  So I sat the copy test - which is really different to dictaphone typing which I do - and I had to look at a sheet of typed material next to me and type as much as I could of that within five minutes.  The focus was on accuracy but mine suffered a bit because I'm used to just looking at the screen and typing what I hear which means I can fix mistakes as I see myself making them, not trying to switch between looking at the screen and looking at a piece of paper.  I could feel myself making the odd mistake but it was too time consuming to go back and fix them because then it impacted on your speed result.  In the end I scored a shocking 91% accuracy ( for most typing jobs you need to have preferably 98%) but a lightning quick (for me anyway) 97 words per minute!!!  I was blown away by the speed because I thought I was slower than normal because I was trying to look at the screen and at the paper as well.  If I had known how fast I was going I would have slowed down a bit to focus more on the accuracy which normally is much better for me in my usual typing environment.  It doesn't matter, I was offered the job and now I can say I have a documented speed test as well but I might put the brakes on a bit and say that I'm 90 words per minute and better accuracy which is more like my real speed.  See?  I went from a quick little post to a big one just typing as fast as I think - yep I talk that fast

I did a HUGE clean up on the weekend.  I woke up Saturday full of beans and motivation ( so hard to find most days) and set about just tidying up the kitchen and then went the whole hog and cleaned the oven, emptied the pantry, wiped down all the shelves and reorganised all the stuff in there.  I just went from room to room and I can't tell you how much stuff I ended up purging.  I have been trying to teach my kids that they don't need to hang onto every single toy they ever owned.  I put the spin on it that there are kids who don't have many toys and that if they don't love or play with a toy then they should do something really nice for other kids and give it to a charity so that someone else can love that toy.  It seemed to click with them so FIVE GARBAGE BAGS later....!!!!  The same thing happened on Sunday and I fell into bed on Sunday night completely exhausted but feeling very satisfied!

Scrapwise I haven't done much at all.  I did a REV IT UP album for Doug a couple of weeks ago using the KaiserCraft tabbed albums which was all about our day at the V8's Queensland round at Queensland Raceway at Willowbank last year.  He was so chuffed with it he took it to work and showed it off and took it to his racing mates to show them too.  It was so nice to see how much he liked it as normally I don't make things for him iykwim?  So that's in the shop right now if anyone is planning on going in - it's sitting on the pile of KaiserCraft albums on the left.  I did do a layout of Lily on Friday night at crop but I'll put that up another time.  Apart from that I haven't done much at all even though I know I have much to do.  My scrapping has really lacked motivation lately and I just look at my stash and feel like it's another chore to do.  Maybe I should be the one reminding myself to play?!?!?!  I'm sure the mojo won't be gone long.....

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Hopefully I'll check back in later in the week!

Chat soon, love Lu


Brigitte said...

Heyy beaudiiiful Lu !!
Your life looks again sooo full and busy !!
and ...what a great idea to sell our old stuffs....cept that.... i've got that's going to be toooo long to sort them out !!!!
so sweet of Doug to show off your little book there... my DH keeps out of my stuffs !!
Anyway... keep well and have a great week !!

Brigitte said...

ohhhhhh and...have i already mentioned that the quick LO below is absolutely ...STUUUUUNNNNING ??!?!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love