Thursday, 17 April 2008

Seriously missing scrapping type contact!

So I got some more scrapping done, bugger all really in the scheme of things but something is better than nothing in my book! lol  I've been doing really well with the typing but it's a lot of work, more than I had planned on, and so I'm back to working ridiculous hours but at least I'm working ridiculous hours for myself and not anyone else so I can't bitch too much.

I'm not sure why Blogger is making me put all my layouts up the top all of a sudden but people have emailed me to say that they can't leave me comments either so wassup Blogger?

Anyway the top two layouts are using a cool new range at CyberScraps from a company called 
Little Yellow Bicycle and the range is called Zach's Life.  All very funky and great for the boys in your life.  Some of the papers even have coloured ledger paper on the reverse -have me a serious thing for ledger paper at the moment and I've been collecting it even though I don't want to use it in case I need it for something special, whatever that is! lol  There are cloth stickers, die cut cardstock stickers, cool round brads that look like meta washers, some nice alphabets that I have left au naturel apart from white pen around the outline of them and the great range of double sided papers.

The layout of Lily is the one I did last crop with the new KaiserCraft Bohemia paper range which I think is gorgeous.  I left all my photos at home that day (Bridget Jones here: DISASTER!!!) so I had to borrow Cass's photos and chose this gorgeous pic of Lily.

The next two - Baby Ballerinas and Kristofer - I did at Cass's place yesterday while experiencing her shiny new scrapping bench for the first time.  I was just playing around - gotta love permission to play - so I just used whatever came to
mind and whatever felt right.  I love being able stand up but it fits a bar stool underneath cos the old grey mare ain't what she used to be so I got jack of standing after about two hours!!! Beautiful scrap room though and everything is in arm's reach.  Cass has her side of the bench and she's set up the other side complete with cutting mat for me so I'll always have a place to scrap no matter how cluttered my desk at home is.  I've got three transcription machines on my scrap desk and now have no room left to scrap - even after all the trouble with the air conditioner and completely decluttering, reorganising and setting up my scrap desk how I wanted it.  

So that's been me lately, working mostly, scrapping rarely, but glad that the mail out for the typing business worked.  Now for the headache making issue of sorting out tax, GST, BAS statements and all that stuff.  See that's the thing that I really loathe as I failed bookkeeping miserably at TAFE because numbers just make my brain shut down and I get so easily confused!  How stupid does that sound....but I do, I've never been good at math and trying to remember where all the different numbers go is a struggle.  So I seriously lack confidence with that but I know if I take my time and persevere at it I will get a better understanding.  Cass said MYOB would be a huge help too so I'll get that and take it from there.  ARGH headache making.......

There's lots going on scrapwise behind the scenes with a couple of articles coming up, my "I Thee Wed" cube in this months' SM and my first ever publication in SC with "Friends From The First", a layout I was really happy with and it has a cute photo of James with Levi and Jonah, my friend Jilly's two boys.  I'm also really excited to be working for KaiserCraft at the Stitches and Craft show at the end of the money for five days.  I have a secret fear that I will spend more than I earn by having to stay in that place for 10 hours a day!!!! lol  Cass and I are both working there so if you're going to the Stitches and Craft show in Brisbane from April 30 - May 4 we'd love to see you!!!!  Come by and say hello and see what fabulous new things KaiserCraft are coming up with.  Man, have they come such a long way as a scrap company and I find myself using lots of their stuff these days.  All those cool OTP things and being surrounded by bling and pearls and flowers all day - heaven!

While I think of it I did a super quick blog cruise the other day so hello to Miss Sue the Too Cool (one day we might get that chat!), Ali (congrats), Jilly (thinking of you dearie!) and Lusi (prayers for you honey and hope it's all going okay) and Brigitte (thank you for always keeping in touch and I haven't forgotten your journal).  Blogging and blog surfing is one of those things that drops off the end of the priority list pretty fast in my house when life gets busy but I often think about all the cool chicks I know through scrapping and have only talked to through blogging and wish I had more time to keep in touch.  I know there are lots of us in the same boat though.  

I'm off to type now.  I have about 15 hours of audio transcription to get through today (4 hours of actual digital file but the ratio for transcription typing is about 1:3 so three hours of typing for every 1 hour of recording but I'm doing something new so I'll be a little slower today).  It's a good opportunity though and good money so I'm just going to bite the bullet and get it done and over with.  There are people who have crappier jobs than me to ensure there is money in the bank each week, I'm just lucky I'm sitting at home doing it and that I can choose my own hours.

I hope everyone is having a productive week so far - is it Thursday?  Yep it is which makes tomorrow Friday!!!  I have sadly had to give up my Fridays at the shop because I have one (now) regular client and their busiest day is today which means I need to do all their typing from two big clinic lists tomorrow so no time for the shop but I will still definitely be coming to the crop nights - no way I'd miss my crop nights with the fab group of chicks we have at CyberScraps!!!  I'll be coming in on Mondays now with Cass because by Monday I've done all of my work from the following week and nobody has any new work until Tuesdays from the look of things and then it's full on from Tuesday to Friday.  I've got Caeligh at home today as she normally doesn't go to kindy on Thursdays anyway but suddenly I'm busy on Thursdays with typing so she will spend the day watching her favourite tv shows, reading books and colouring in on my bed so I can still see her and chat while I work.  We'll probably have a picnic lunch on my doona! lol  I'm torn between feeling like she would get more attention and have more fun at kindy but I feel like I never see her if she doesn't have her Thursdays at home with me.  Friday she goes to gran for the day which she loves so I don't worry about that and she's at kindy Monday through to Wednesday.  I feel like I never get the balance right no matter what I do so I usually just do what I think is best at the time and hope that it's enough.

Have a good week chickies - what's everyone else been up to?

Take care everyone, much love Lu

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brigitte said...

Hey beuadiful Lu !!!
Again...your life is full and busy and as you said...always good for themoney !! and...even on top of work you can still scrap !! looooove them all (and the 'Baby Ballerinas') is sooo sweet !!!
Anyway, i'm not going to write a book in this post, specially that you've got sooomuch to do !
So have a cool week Lu !!
Thinking of you too :)
(hope this works and registers my comment !!)

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