Thursday, 15 May 2008

Some days I love interruptions!

Look at this beautiful card I received in the mail today!!!! It's from the very lovely Brigitte who has been an online buddy of mine for a long time. Brigitte I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous card and for the lovely words inside. You are one of those rare special people who always seem to know when to comment, post or pop up and say hi and I'm so thankful for web friends like you. I *promise* I haven't forgotten your journal!!!!

It was destined to be a day of interruptions because Caeligh was at home with me while I worked today and apart from the occasional break to watch a show with her or play cardboard box cars, she really kept herself amused pretty much all day so as a reward for being such a good girl she and daddy have gone out to the shops to get her a present for being so well behaved during the day. If you know Caeligh you'll know how much of a minor miracle it is for her to have a peaceful, settled and quiet day where she has stayed out of trouble and kept herself amused. I hate that I have to work while she's at home but I can't bear the thought of her being at kindy just about every day so I keep her home with me and we have little "rest breaks" during my working day where we have morning tea together, we have a dance, we watch a bit of a show she likes, we have lunch, cuddles on the bed for 10 minutes, have a warm Milo together or I read her a story. It's a nice way to break up my day as well so I spend 10 minutes of every hour doing something with her and the time seems to fly so fast that she doesn't seem to notice that I'm busy typing until I come back for the next 10 minute break an hour later.

I got a couple of other deliveries today as well. The nice courier man arrived mid-morning with a delivery from the fantastic people at Kaisercraft, containing products for some layouts I've been asked to do. Thank you so much to Melissa for organising all that - you are a champion to find time to sort all the DT stuff out while doing everything else as well!

I also got a delivery of a case of wine that I ordered via a wine club. It's the first time I've done that but I do like a glass of wine (oh, really, I'd never have guessed I can hear you say!!!!! - those who know me are so NOT surprised!!!! lol) and I don't know anything about wine at all really. I have no idea what to buy if I walk through the bottle shop. Usually it's something cheap or that I've tried somewhere before. I don't tend to take risks and spend much on wine because I don't know what I'm looking for or whether I'll end up with a $20 bottle of liquid dreadful. I'm also pretty unpretentious about it all - I've tried $30 merlot and $4 merlot and I like the $4 merlot better!!!! lol That's me - ALL CLASS!!!! lol I know it doesn't really come down to price but I don't know what else to look for so I figured Doug and I could try something different and learn a bit in the process. Right up there with my penchant for $4 merlot is my firm belief that if you ever get to taste a wine somewhere DO NOT SPIT IT OUT!!!! Wine is supposed to be enjoyed and spitting it out is a waste of perfectly good wine! Like I said, all class here.... So I am sitting at my desk, about to start dinner, and working out if I'm enjoying a glass of 2002 Mt Pleasant Shiraz. Not a big red wine drinker (ahem...unless it's a bit of Chateau de Cardboard Lambrusco that is) so I had to refer to the tasting notes to work out what I was tasting. It's pretty good so far and those who know me will be so proud when I say that I haven't refrigerated one single bottle of the red wine yet! I don't even know really why I want to acquire a better knowledge of wines (apart from the fact that I like drinking it) but it seems like something handy to know and something Doug and I can do together, cuddled up on the couch - alone - after the children have gone to bed and the nice "grown up" food comes out like pate, brie and dark chocolate!!!! YUM!!!

BUT...and isn't there always one!...I have some more typing to do first, dinner to put on, children to bathe and get into bed and probably homework to help with.

Thanks again to Brigitte for the gorgeous card. Even though I don't "do" cards, I certainly appreciate the effort that others put into them so I'm thrilled to have received something hand made.

Have a nice evening and I'll let you know tomorrow whether the Shiraz and I liked each other or not! lol Love, Lu


kayla renee macaulay said...

you are so gorgeous
i love reading your blog
you are one inspirational chick!
I was so sad to hear that you were leaving cyber scraps..but so glad that we will get to see your beautiful work with kaiser craft.

LOL about the wines.
I am still underage so NO drinking wine for me (but i do say i love my white wine with a meal)
My parents order all their wine through Fosters (they have shares with them or something) and they get a case every could say that they like their wine to.

I reckon I have a pretty solid knowledge of wines just from listening to my parents and i am only 17. LOL

and by the way..i must have missed something..your birthday must have just been or is just coming so...

Kayla Renee

susan j said...

Congrats about the Kaisercraft DT. Wow they have some awesome stuff too. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Long time no chat hey?

Take care.

Jodi said...

Enjoy your wine!!!!
LOL the $4 merlot!! CAn totally relate to the all class!!!
But you are a classy chick!!
CAnt wait to see what you come up with with Kaiser... i love their stuff!!!!
Catch up soon mate!! yay!!!

brigitte said...

OH MY GOSH !! YOU GOT IT !!'s 13 june and your may..and was waiting maybe for an email and thought...oops !! maybe i've sent to the wrong or old address (typical me !!) soo glad you like it !! well hope you had a great day on your special day !!
and ... good on you to spoil y'self on wine !! i do drink it but ...can't even know the difference between a good and a cheap (have a french background but still... doesn't make me an expert :( mdr !!
Anyway.... have a cool week miss !!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love