Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Stressy! Stressy!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner! My house is a government funded "housing commission" house and they have decided to do routine maintenance on the property which means that they are going to put in a built in wardrobe in mine and Doug's room, paint every room inside and the whole outside of the house, replace cyclone wire fences with timber fences on three sides of the property, build a carport, replace a concrete slab and give us a big garden shed, replace guttering and roofing, put in concrete paths from the letterbox to the patio and from the back of the house to the clothes line, build privacy screens in front of our front windows, replace the metal patio railings with nice timber ones and a few other things. I can't tell you how grateful I am that the house is being upgraded and we aren't paying for it. I know it would cost thousands and thousands to have those things done if we were owners and paying for it ourselves. I will readily admit I'm one of those public housing tenants who is EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for being in our house, and even though it isn't big enough for our needs it is affordable and we are blessed to be here instead of trying to fight it out in the private rental market. Thank God for our home!

So we've had to do a big declutter of the house so that when the painters arrive we can just push all the furniture into the middle of the room. I've told the children to treat it like we're moving and so they have had to pull out every toy and item of clothing they possess and choose between things they love (which they can keep), things that are broken or missing parts (that go to the tip) and things that they no longer love which can bless someone else (charity donations). Having to really pull the house apart actually stresses me a lot and messes with my head so I'm feeling especially scattered right now!!!

I am going to go and watch the State of Origin though because I do love a bit of footy!!! lol

Anyway, I just wanted to update so you know what I'm up to. I've got layouts to do for Kaisercraft for their CHA exhibit in the States in July, I've got a heap of exciting nice stuff to do for Scrapping Outback for our stand at the Scrpabook and Papercraft Convention at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June and I have a house full of renovations to work around!!! As usual, it's chaos here!!! lol OH for a quiet life....!

I've also got typing and trying to get a couple of new clients so that's a bit more to think about but huge hellos to loolabelle!!!!!! And also to the SM girls - can't wait to catch up in Brissie for dinner one night. Miss Sue the Too Cool = thinking of you! Lusi - totally owe you a phone call babe!!!

Wish me luck in staying sane!!!! Love, Lu


Gizmo said...

Hey babe,
I hope things are going well with the house!
Try not to stress out too much, think of all the newness you'll be surrounded by.LOL!!
I'll see you at the show!

brigitte said...

Heyyy LU !!
aweeeesome !!!! it's going have a new house again huh ?? or nearly anyway...and i know wht you mean ie chaos...but it's just for a while and'll be able to feel so good just by walking in it !!
All the best for this huuuge project girl !!!

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