Sunday, 15 June 2008

Quick update

WOW WOW WOW!!!!  What a fantastic weekend we had last weekend at the Brisbane Scrapbook Convention!  I met up with soooooo many amazing scrappers and friends whom I'd only ever spoken to on the phone or online before.  Cass and I went in Friday to help my friend Alana set up her gorgeous display for Scrapping Outback.  It was so much fun to unpack all the beautiful products she had like her cool albums and beautiful wedding words (the most delicate things you'll ever see!).  She even had a fabulous pink windmill.  Cass put up all of her layouts for the tutor display and we caught up with the gorgeous girls from Scrapbooking Memories when they eventually made it - minus their luggage!!!  We got a sneak peak at all the fab products everyone else had and Cass and I made a beeline for the guy who was selling the Dew Drop ink pads 4 for only $10!!!  Talk about eager- we spent $60 on ink between us and the show wasn't even technically open yet!!! lol  But hey, ink is an essential like food, water, air and sleep right?

So first day was CRAZY BUSY with people everywhere so you couldn't even move.  It was pretty much what I expected but it's a bit harder being behind the counter instead of walking around.  I helped Cass to teacher mini brag book classes each day which went really well so at least I'm a little better prepared to teach at Outback Scrap in August as that will be the first BIG classes I've ever had to teach.  

The best part of the whole weekend was catching up each evening after the show finished.  That was when you actually got to properly chat to people who were too busy rushing around during the day.  On the Friday night Cass and I had a fantastic dinner with Melissa and Fi from Kaisercraft at a great Indian restaurant at West End.  We had the best time just yakking and catching up.  I think all of us could have talked all night but sleep called.  Saturday night we ended up at Satay Hut at Southbank with a great bunch of girls including Chris, Michelle, Raqual, Melissa, Fi and more and I'm really sorry if I havent' remembered your names.  I think I met so many peopel that after a while I started forgetting who was who!  Everyone was fantastic, funny and wonderful.  It was a great night and I'm going to put up some pics when I have a bit more time.  Sunday night we had drinks at the  Printblocks 20th birthday party at the Plough Inn where I met even more great girls and caught up with Kim and Lorraine from Scrapbook Creations.   We then had dinner at a Thai place with the SM girls and Leanne.  It was such a fun night.  Tthe only problem with this business is that we're all scattered across a very big country so those kind of catch ups are so few and far between.  On the Monday afternoon I FINALLY got a chance to sit down with a scrapper whose work I've loved for just about forever.  Louise Nelson came for the show and was there the whole weekend but it took until Monday afternoon for us to match schedules long enough fo a hot chocolate and a long awaited chat.    She's just the coolest chick!!!  You rock babe!  We've promised to keep in touch via email cos the last time I checked SA is a bit of a drive! lol  

I didn't get nearly as many pics as I wanted because I usually ended up having such a good time I forgot to get the camera out so if anyone was there and has pics please pass them on to me!  I know just about everyone had a camera which was great so I'm sure I'll see more photos as everyone starts updating their blogs.

I'm off now.  A BBQ at my little sister's place for her birthday today and the a BBQ at Cass's place with Jilly and her husband as well.  Can't wait to see all our feral kids get together - the neighbours will think we've opened a wild animal shelter in the backyard.  James is v.excited - he hasn't seen Levi or Jonah in months - an eternity apparently in 7 yo terms!  Hopefully there'll be lots of good photo ops.  I haven't been taking as many photos as I should be and I hate not having anything new to work with.

I've got a busy few weeks with a new transcription company offering me 20 hours of work per week on top of what I'm already doing which is great for the bank account and not so good for the scrapping time.  I've got layouts to prepare for CHA for Kaisercraft as well as some wood products to scrap that need repackaging so I'll be busy with that.  I've also got an upcoming article for Scrapbook Creations to finish off and a product challenge for SM.  Apart from that nothing much!!! lol  I love that I'm so busy even if I don't have a lot of spare time.  I know lots of girls are in the same boat so good on all of you for juggling it all.

Have a great week and I'll try to find some photos for the next update.

Love Lu xx


Kat Browne said...

Heya babe! How goes the reno's and chaos? Loved seeing you guys at the show, and love the purple hair!

Yeah, we'll be at the crop, though Peta may be a zombie with all the sickness and marking.

Gonna bring a disk of pics for you guys on Friday! Hope it helps with the pic shortage.

Have a good week!

love, kat xx

Petrina McDonald said...

Hi Lu, it was lovely to meet you at the convention. Glad to hear you had such a good time that you forgot to take photos - always a good indicator! Love, P

Alice said...

Hi Lu!!
It was so cool to meet up with you at the convention!
I am glad you had a great time!
It still feels surreal to me that I came all the way to QLD! lol
I have a pic up of you on my blog..I hope you don't mind!

Chat soon

Louise said...

Hey You

It was brilliant finaly getting to meet you TOOOOOOOO

Lou xx

Mmmmmmm Slider Love