Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Brisbane Stitches and Craft show

I'm just getting ready to get moving for the day.  Cass and I have been asked to teach for KaiserCraft at the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show this week (today until Sunday, 10am - 4pm every day) so we've spent the last week doing a bit of headless chooka action getting demos ready and organising ourselves for what will hopefully be five days of fun and meeting people!  We always make a point of going to the craft shows anyway (best place around if you're an ink junky like us!!!) and you always manage to run into people you know which is a great way to catch up so now we'll have five days to have a look around although I think most of that will be trying to duck around the place in the hour before it opens each day because after that we're pretty well scheduled.  We'll be doing make and takes and "garden party" demos during the day so if you're going to the show be sure to pop in and say hi!  I believe we'll be spending our days in the Creative Living "garden" which will be an interesting experience to say the least!!! lol  I'm absolutely going to take my camera because I'm sure I'll want to get pics, and especially if I run into friends which reminds me I probably should go and top up that camera battery first or nobody is getting pictures of anything!!!

I'm off to pack my toolbox with a few basics we'll need to do our demos and then go get gussied up ready to rush out the door when Cass turns up to pick me up.  I think there'll be some herding of children and husband in amongst that as well so I'll post more when I get a chance.

Hope you're all having a great week and dont' forget to say hi if you're at the show!!!

Love, Lu


Brissmiths said...

Hi Lu I had planned to go to the show today (Wednesday) with Kaptain Kaos because I figured it would be quieter and all the little old ladies who come in their busloads could smile and wave at him. But after a diaster of a trip to the shops on Monday I have decided to follow my inner wisdom and hope to be there on Saturday without the toddler. Hope to find you there somewhere amongst the garden! Have fun!

Melissa Kennedy said...

You are an angel in disguise and we could not have done the show without you - thank you ever so much for everything.
It was a total pleasure to meet you and Cass and hope we catch up again soon

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