Wednesday, 30 April 2008


WOW!!!!  What a massively busy day!!!!  Cass and I picked up Jill and gave her a lift in to the Convention Centre with us - no point all of us wasting petrol and parking money!  Creative Living have set up an amazing indoor garden for us to work in - complete with timber garden sheds too!  There is astro turf on the ground and lovely white tables and chairs for our make and take classes (we KaiserCraft chickies are doing bag tags complete with your choice of papers, flowers, bling and ribbons, and the luverly Fiskars gals are doing make and take cards and showing off all of their fab tools - don't forget to look for their new Fingertip Craft Knife - it looks weird, works like a dream and I need to get me one of those babies!!!!).  There's also a real grassed garden behind a white picket fence and there are cute little ducklings wandering around in there.  We have Garden Parties which is our on stage demos where Cass and I get to wear little microphones around our heads like space cadets and we do quick layout demos, altered monograms and I do a wooden canvas demo and while that's going on the (hopefully) captive audience is served the most amazing little white iced cupcakes with pink flowers.  There is beautiful music playing all the time and it's like scrap heaven in that corner of the show!!!  It's quiet, it's creative and it's really reall fun!!!  From a work point of view we don't get to sit down at all but the loo is right near our garden shed and the coffee shop is about three metres away!  I've had a wonderful, fast and busy day and now that I've done my first "on stage" demo I'm not nearly as nervous as I was this morning.  I guess it's just the fear of the unknown as it's my first time working one of the craft shows.  I hope I'll be well and truly over the nerves by June as I'm helping Cass teach her classes and doing some product demos as well.

I'm going to go and have a quick crash on the couch for a while before I get back to my typing.  I've got a couple of fairly new clients and I didn't want to tell them I was unavailable only a couple of weeks after they started with me so I'm fitting in my typing around the days at the show.  Thank goodness it's a relatively quiet week on that front otherwise I don't know how I would be managing it all.  Doug has been a total legend at home.  I walked in the door after Cass dropped me off at about 6:45 tonight and the loungeroom and kitchen were clean and Doug was just serving dinner.  There isn't a price you can put on a capable man who happily does what needs to be done and one who also rang me right before he knew I had to get ready for my demo today just to wish me good luck and to tell me he loves me.  

I haven't taken any pics today because I forgot my camera in the mad rush this morning but I will take some tomorrow and post them so you can see what we've been up to.  If you do manage to get to the show please do come and say hi and sit and do a make and take with us.  They're quick, easy and lots of fun - and best of all they're FREE!!!  Then hang around to watch a demo, admire the ducklings and enjoy a scrummy cupcake!

Have a fab Thursday!  Love, Lu


Kat Browne said...

Vote 1 Doug: Father/Husband of the century!!

Hope you're having fun at the show, enjoy, and hope you take lots of photos and have lots of stories to share at the next crop!

Happy birthday!!!

brigitte said...

Hey Beaudiful Lu !!
looks like you had a good time and all went well and smoothly !!
Well done ther !! pity you girls don't teach in Sydney huh ??
i'd love to take one of your classes !!!
all the best for your 'other' job :)
(ohhhlooks like this time blogger is letting me getting this comment :)

Lemon_tree said...
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