Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I are a BAD mama!

This is a great photo of my eldest son, Blayd, who turns 14 in a few months. He's starting to get a bit of peach fuzz on the top lip, becoming a cranky "don't speak to me" teenager and is now as tall as me. He also as a wee hypochondriac streak which I know is an awful thing to say about your own kid but he does tend towards the dramatic when it comes to his health and will mention the same thing (whether it's a stubbed toe, a paper cut or a bruise) repeatedly, along with a description of how painful it is, to the point where I have to say "Yes, I can see that, you've told me already" and repeat whatever first aid directions I gave him the first time he told me what was wrong. As you can tell, there's not a whole lot of sympathy around here and I try not to let them obsess over little things. Don't get me wrong; if there's a serious injury, claret spilled, etc, then I am the protective mother bear to the rescue but I try not to let them sweat over the small things as usually once distracted, they just forget about it anyway.

So, when Blayd mentioned something last night about having a sore mouth, I admit I kind of brushed him off a bit. I said go brush your teeth then, thinking he might have something caught between his teeth, or a leftover from the sore throat he had on the weekend. It was one of those nights last night where Lachlann had dance class, I was working late, Blayd had karate and we had to fit in grocery shopping at some point. I wasn't especially focused last nght.

Blayd comes to me this morning, early and while I'm taking a phone call, and tries to tell me again that his mouth is sore and can I pleaes have a look at it for him. I say "yes, as soon as I get off the phone" but by then he's off making lunch, getting ready for school and I've started typing again.

He comes home this afternoon and casually wanders into the office while I'm working and asks if I want to have a look at his mouth now. I am full well expecting to see something caught between his teeth or maybe an ulcer at worst. What I do see is a very badly swollen and inflamed gum right up the back on the left - the poor little bugger has his first wisdom tooth erupting!!! Well now don't I feel like a shit mother?!?!?! It looks really awfully painful and I immediately thought back to when I had my wisdom teeth come through, about a year after I had Blayd actually, and I remember thinking I could understand why he cried so much when teething way back then - because it really bloody hurts!!!

So I've given him a panadol and asked him to rinse his mouth with warm salty water because it looks awful. I may go so far as to give him a Nurofen at bed time if it is hard for him to sleep. Honestly I don' t know anyone who got their wisdom teeth at this age!!! That's why I was thinking I would find something totally different. At least from what I can see it is coming through straight so that's one less worry. The one on the right is starting to push up too and I give that another week or so before it's as bad as the left. Thankfully there's no action up the top at the moment.

So there you have it - Crap Mother of the Day Award goes to me - yes, Lord, I promise to listen more carefully to my children when they bitch about things.....L xx
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Kirsty said...

Nah, definitely NOT the worst mother of the day!
Reminds me of all the times when my kids were babies and I wouldn't realise they were teething until that tooth clinked on the spoon once it was through LOL

Chris Millar said...

Oh Lu! Don't worry, I've had the bad mother award myself in a big way a few years ago. My eldest complained of a sore foot on and off for over 2 weeks until it became so bad she started limping, because there was nothing visually to see I just thought she was over reacting. I finally took her to the doctors and he ordered an x-ray, how bad did I feel when he showed me a small hole in the bone of one of her toes on the x-ray?!!! She had a bone infection and ended up spending 3 weeks in the Royal Childrens!! So I challenge you for that crap mother award!!! Hugs mate, understand fully!

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