Thursday, 19 February 2009

I have a lot of needs....apparently lol

The mwahlicious Ngaire B tagged me on Facebook to play this game.  You go to Google and type in your first name and the word "needs" in quotes so I typed "Lucinda needs" and got this:

Lucinda needs a husband, not a lover. (Shhhh, best not tell the husband I've already got lol)
Lucinda needs no introduction.
Lucinda needs to find a person who is as strong willed as she is.
Lucinda needs a lifestyle that allows her to be spontaneous.
Lucinda needs reading glasses.
Lucinda needs to turn 2 more or gain 48 more Werewolf points to reach the next level.
Lucinda needs her clinic (if there's one for me I'll gladly go lol I could use a holiday!)
Lucinda needs to come up with a spell to snag a guy (apparently I'm desperate but don't tell DH!!!).
Lucinda needs to talk.
Lucinda needs to toughen up.

Okay, so from what I can work out, I'm an infamous sex mad talkative yet sooky spinster who needs therapy and corrective lenses, who clearly likes to dabble in the odd game of Dungeons &


brigitte d'Australie said...

hehehe sounds funny :)
(Heyy beaudiful !! Haven't been visiting for aaaaages !! time but also pc issues :('s kind of back to normal :)
how things are with you ?? looks like you're always oh sooo busy girl :)
Hugs xxx

Melissa Kennedy said...

totally loved this idea and it gave me a giggle - thanks going to blog my results too for a laugh

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