Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tagged by Mel K "25 random things about me" from Facebook (no I don't know how to link up all my technologies yet lol)

1. I can only drive an automatic car.

2. I met my husband on the internet (lucky neither of us turned out to be an axe murderer!)

3. I am adopted but have met both of my birth parents and have an ongoing relationship with my birth mother and her family.

4. I start work at about 4.00am most days.

5. I hate ceiling fans because I don't like the feeling of wind on my skin; actually I don't like wind and really windy days make me cranky (not sure why).

6. I crave food in cycles and will want lots of one particular food for maybe three to four weeks at a time and it's rarely anything healthy.

7. I love to sing.

8. When I yawn, my saliva glands squirt so I *always* have to cover my mouth when I yawn (besides the fact that it's good manners lol).

9. In my job as a medical typist, I know the terminology for over 30 different types of medical specialties.

10. I am guilty of reading the smack blogs from time to time.

11. I barely scrapbook at all anymore :( but this week I gave up two of my transcription clients so that I can find time to scrap again because it makes me happy and keeps me sane.

12. I have never seen snow.

13. I have never left the country.

14. I knew it was a mistake to get married the first time at 19 and I did it anyway.

15. I hate exercise.

16. I have never managed to gain control of my weight (see above!) but I also have reverse body dysmorphia - I don't see how big I really am.

17. My favourite colour is red.

18. I hate public speaking and having to teach scrapbooking as I get very nervous and think people won't like me.

19. I have never dealt with the death of my mother when I was 19 - I have "ignored" it for 15 years but plan to start counselling this year as I have only just realised the magnitude of the effect it has on me as a person, even if I choose to ignore it.

20. I am trying to be a less materialistic person - yes I have a Pandora bracelet but I bought a nice bead for it from Spotlight for $5!!! I care about how things look, not how much they cost.

21. I constantly lose sunglasses and as a consequence only buy $10 cheapies as I'd kick myself for losing anything expensive - and besides, if I like them, I don't care if they only cost $10.

22. I believe that loved ones we have lost are still present in our lives, and that if you look closely, you will see the signs that they leave for us.

23. I don't consider a mobile phone a necessity.

24. I have ADHD (diagnosed when I was a kid) and am in the process of finally getting medication for it so I can function like a *normal* person.  I feel sorry for my kids as I understand how hard it is to be scattered all the time but I am hopeful that, as has been the case with them, the medication will help me to be not so scattered and a lot more together.

25. My most favourite place in the world is on a beach, especially at sunset, and it feels almost physically painful to leave again to go home.

So there ya go!!!  I don't normally do tags as I get so easily distracted by this stuff and my mind wanders from work and doesn't want to go back lol  I figured I'd post it though because I love to read other people's random facts and maybe other people do too.  No photos today but I am planning on scrapping tonight as I don't have any work scheduled for after dinner.  YAY!!!!  L xx


Kirsty said...

Loved reading your list:)
My MIL is a medical typist too.
My mobile phone has been flat since Christmas, so I obviously don't think they are a necessity either LOL
Sorry about your mum. I hope that counselling helps, I can't imagine how it effects every part of your life:(
I got tagged this morning and did my list too;)

Kat Browne said...

Good luck with counselling, hun. I hope it gives you what you need. The last few years I've pushed it all aside when people I love have died, and I'm not looking forward to the moment it hits me.

Hee, ADD for me, apparently. Was diagnosed as a teen.

And hey, smack blogs are hilarious.

Melissa Kennedy said...

Totally loved reading your list too...and I hope you get some time for yourself so that you can sit and scrap a little.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love