Monday, 4 February 2008

Oh for F**KS SAKE!!!!! (excuse the language)

I just wish to God I could find a big bucket of vodka and a huge bottle of valium and a nice quiet dark corner to occupy for a week or so!!!! The drama, the drama......

Spent this morning ferrying my dad to a doctors' appointment and then to the local courthouse to take out a peace and good behaviour order against the gold-digging hoochie-mama. He decides it's all too difficult, doesn't want any more trouble and he's not going to do anything!!!! He wants me to go to a Seniors Legal Advice appointment with him on Friday where I dare say we'll waste an hour while he goes over all the bullshit that he refuses to substantiate by having her charged with wilful damage, break and enter, etc, all the things she's done, they'll give him all kinds of very good, free advice and he'll chuck a big feeb episode and say how he doesn't want any trouble and can you beleive he doesn't want her to get into any trouble that might make her lose her job?!?!?!? OMFG!!!!!! I'm seriously starting to wonder whether or not he needs an Adult Guardian cos he seems incapable of dealing with this like a reasonable thinking person!

Then my sister rings to say my mum is back in hospital AGAIN with more health problems because she went home Saturday, had some arm pains etc, and ignored those....then last night had chest pains, etc and ignored those so today her doctor has had her admitted and who knows how long she will be in hospital this time. I swear to God I don't understand why some people can't take care of themselves and ignore very obvious signs that something is wrong!!!!!!!

I feel like the only life preserver left on the Titanic and every bloody person is grabbing onto me to save them cos they won't save themselves!!!!!! Maybe that's why I want to be pregnant again, so that I can just check out and not have to deal with everyone else's issues. I would LOVE to have a brain snap but unfortunately I'm not that self indulgent, I'm sadly quite lucid and just really really angry instead.....not that everyone who has a brain snap is self indulgent, I just think I've got a good tolerance level for general crap so no matter how frustrated, emotional, tired and flat I feel I still don't consider giving up is an option. I have to say that losing my adoptive mother at 19 taught me that as I had no other close family and there was nobody to pick up the slack if I decided I couldn't cope so I just coped and have done so (apart from the occasional blog meltdown) ever since. So yeah, I bitch, I moan, I yell, I get mad at people, I worry and stress and say a lot of nasty things but that's how I deal and luckily Doug just knows to smile and crack jokes and say equally nasty things and we cheer each other up. Weird but it works and I'm too damned nice to say those things to the people who need to hear them because I genuinely would hate to hurt anyone's feelings!!!! Ridiculous isn't it????

Anyway I'm not working this week, part blessing (cos my brain and my week seems to have no room left for work) and part curse cos I didn't budget for not working but things will sort themselves out like they always do. Hey baked beans are nutritious right?!?!? lol It's not that bad but I have an overwhelming warped sense of humour and I have to poke massive fun at depressing things or they really will depress me and who has time for that?

So I didn't do anything in the shop for the half day I was in except for unpack LOADS of new nice KaiserCraft stuff. We are rapidly becoming the KaiserCraft headquarters over at CyberScraps and we've got so much gorgeous stuff including the square bling and the flower bling and event planner thingies and OMG the gorgeous new rub-0ns to rival any big name company plus restocks of cute things like the pearls, the handbags, tabbed albums and new styles of clocks and some wood canvasses that can hang on the wall. I LOOOOOVE unpacking new stuff so be sure to keep an eye on the website and in store if you're local. Come have a squizzy at the new pretties!!! The pretties keep me sane......... lol

Okay I'm going, this was my quick 10 minute destress before venturing into the foray of dinner making, kid wrangling, bathing and homework and housework. Thank you for the much love I've received from everyone who sounds like they really think I'm going to have a small mental breakdown sometime soon. Don't worry, I'm not going crazy and as Cass says "my cheese is just slipping off my cracker a little bit!!!!".

Chat soon, love Lu


Jodi said...

Oh LU... you poor thing. you need a weekend in Gunnedah with none of this kinda stress!! I dont know how you cope with it all as well as your own life demands!!!
Thinking of you and hope you survive ok???

Sandra said...

Hi Lu, I did a great big long comment on your post about wanting another baby and when I clicked to publish it I lost it, and my typing is not good enough that I want to do it all over again.... after reading more later posts I see you are letting things ride for the moment as you really do have more on your plate that most people could cope with Good luck with whatever you decide to do on that front.
What a shame you couldn't get your birth Mum and your Dad together to look after each other,,,,now that would solve some of your problems....knowing your luck, it would proberly cause more...
Hope everything sorts itself out soon.

tracey said...

hi Lou

I pop in from time to time and have a read of your rave and love your layouts and your fun way with words... i haven't had the chance to pop on over to cyberscraps regularly as i too sound like i get as busy as you...can i say i love your layouts and i think that i have the bucket of vodka and the valium ... but when i am finished with it i am more than happy to share if there is anyleft - lol... hope your week gets a little slower paced for ya.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love