Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Get Real Challenge (unknowingly providing myself with a topic!!)

Well I vowed to get a topic up today and inspiration hit at 4pm after what has not been much of a good day here.

I've had Her Royal Highness throwing wobblies all morning over a stray can of lemonade chockers with preservative she found in the fridge and wanted to drink (it may have been quieter and less wobbly if I'd just given it to her and let kindy deal with the fall out!), my 9 yo left his bag at home and thus had to ring his Dad at school to organise him some lunch, I sat down to work today to the equivalent of an entire week's worth of work already and it's only Tuesday morning, the dictation system wasn't working AGAIN today so was late with all my procedures up until about 10.30am, discovered that Her Royal Highness had pulled the toilet seat off before she left for kindy, revealing some kind of germ theme park going on underneath so that was a pleasure to deal with, phone call from school because the 11yo is sick and needs to be picked up so DH has to leave work early (which will end up being unpaid) to collect him, the MIL has her hand out for petrol money cos she pissed her last $20 up against the wall at bingo, she's now coming over for dinner, I haven't had a chance to do any house cleaning at all today, I did claim a precious 15 minutes to finish decorating my christmas tree (finally and pics will be up shortly) and now I'm going to drag something from the frosty depths of my chest freezer for dinner that DH can whack in the oven, I'm going to pour myself a Jack Daniels and Coke Zero and I'm going to get stuck into all that bloody typing!!!!

I'll get to actually doing the layout for the challenge when I get just a little bit of breathing space, probably at mightnight! lol Besides, don't want to jump in too soon because after all, it's only 4 o'clock and so much could go to shit by the time I get time enough to get the scrappin stash out!!! Trust me, I am laughing as I relay all of this because what else is there to do? Don't get me wrong, I didn't design the Get Real challenge to depress people because while my life is continuously busy, stressful and lurching from one disaster to another, I actualy really love my life. After all, I haven't seen a comedy/tragedy as good on TV yet!!!!

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