Thursday, 30 November 2006

Still behind the 8 ball and weird light outside

Didn't get much at all done yesterday afternoon as storms moved through and disrupted power to the remote server I get my work from. That wasn't fixed until 10pm last night so suffice to day I didn't feel like typing then!

I optimistically thought I'd get up at 4.00am and start work but there are some very weird meteorological things going on outside - the light outside is very yellow and I'm finding it a little disturbing! Apparently the moon is still up if you can see it behind the clouds and it is red. Now THAT'S even more disturbing. Cass has taken some pics so I will try to borrow and upload one later.

So all in all a weird day where I still have to get more typing done in the day than I actually have hours to complete it so I'll off.

Have a great day whatever you are doing!

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jody said...

hey lu,just dropping by to say hi

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