Monday, 4 December 2006

Craving scrap and ridiculous wastes of money

Well I've had one of those weekends where there was the burning desire to get something done but not the alertness or mental clarity to facilitate that! I had heaps of work so ended up getting about 8 hours sleep over two and a half days (yeah the money was worth it!)and even got an amazing amount of new and beautiful products from our Embellishment Fairy (thanks Cath!) for design team work. It didn't stop me buying more for myself however! So here I was, Saturday afternoon after a really rushing about day (cricket for Blayd in the a.m., birthday party to take HRH to just before lunchtime, some shopping in the afternoon with Dougie, ear piercing for HRH (I'll get to it in a second) and a visit to the babe's place (yes Cass you, I realised I often use that name for you so may as well formalise it!). By the time I eventually got home all I wanted to do was flop on the couch with a glass of red wine and it was the equivalent of "hitting the wall" for me. I still wanted to scrap but exhaustion got the better of me and I ended up falling asleep on the couch the crawling off to bed early so no scrapping magic Saturday night.

Sunday dawned with the knowledge that Dougie was going to drive to Noosa to get his birthday present (a ridiculously expensive thing that we really can't afford but he never asks for much, does more than any other husband I know and deserves it really) so Babe and I schemed (no, wait, maybe planned with consideration is better!) for me to spend the day at her place to scrap, which I actually did, despite the fact that we had six kids in the house at the time. I got stuck right into the new BG Blush papers and funnily I didn't love them as much as I thought I would. Sure, just about everything BG do is amazing and wonderful but there are some ranges I love and some I LOVE!!!!! Romani I love, Urban Couture I love, Fruitcake and Dasher I love but on some level Blush doesn't inspire me as much but I'm still very happy with the layout which I've put up on the blog. I had a photo of Dougie that I took while he was sleeping and he was a little embarrassed to see that I'd scrapped it - I don't know why, he doesn't look ghastly, awful or ugly when he sleeps (lordy and we women worry about having pics taken of us!!! lol the boys are worse!)

Ah yes, the ear piercing thingy. HRH wanted her ears pierced at the start of last week. she had decided that her bestest friend in the whole wide world Miss Lily had earrings and so she wanted them too. She also wanted them because Aunty Cass and Mumma have earrings too. I thought she'd just forget about it after a day or two but no she was very persistent and kept bringing it up all week. If she had not been so keen I would never have bothered but I figured she was obviously fixed on the idea. I did explain to her that it was painful and all that but she was still sure so on Saturday afternoon we took her to the chemist and had it done. Honestly I was sure she would scream the place down but really she yells more when she doesn't get her own way! It was over in a moment and she was happy 30 seconds later so she's a tough nut that girl! She asked for lipgloss as a treat for being brave and has spent all weekend showing off her earrings. I did say though that if she was a big girl now that she had earrings then she would have to give up dummies because big girls with earrings don't have dummies. We have tried a couple of times to get rid of them but she has hidden them around the house and always manages to find one. This time she seems to "get it" so Saturday night (I'm sure it's partly because she was dead on her feet tired) she went to sleep with no dummy. Yesterday at Babe's place I asked her if she wanted one to have a nap after lunch but she said no because she was a big girl with earrings and only babies have dummies. So last night (again, I think exhaustion helped here) she went to sleep with no dummy so that's almost three days without it. This is nothing short of amazing for a girl who normally sleeps with three dummies, one in her mouth and one in each hand - use uses the rubber bulbs to rub her closed eyelids with (look don't even ask, I have no idea why she does it!!). All I can say is that I am hopeful because she hasn't even asked for a dummy since she got her earrings so I hope this is the charm that works. She has started having some dry nights too and I can finally see the end of the baby road for us. The finality will be complete when she is dry at night and we don't need to buy Pull-Ups any more. I think I will be a bit sad that day because for the last 11 years I have always had a baby in my house or know that I would have another one but this is it for us. The money just doesn't stretch and I'm pretty sure the patience and the sanity wouldn't either!

So today Babe very kindly offered to host a morning tea for our food intolerance group at her house and we had a nice relaxing morning chatting to other mums about their kids and the various food issues they have. The house was full of little kids but surprising everyone was well behaved and played nicely. Then I had a chance to get another page done and used the My Mind's Eye Magnolia range. I've been lusting after these papers for weeks now and they were so much fun to use, quick too. I put together a layout with the Girly Girl (see above)range in about an hour, even with lots of cutting out with a craft knife. Cyberscraps is getting this range in the next week or so and I can't wait to get more of the sets. All very beautiful and so many cute little bits and pieces to go with the papers too. If you liked Bohemia then you will go crazy for Magnolia!!

I'm off to get some more typing done tonight and maybe catch up on a bit more sleep! I hope you've had a great start to your week.


lusi said...

hi Lu :)
Long time no chat girl :) Thanks for popping by my blog - have missed scrapping *with* you and Cass sooooooooooooo much since not being around at sam very much lately. Anyhoooo, i'll come back i promise!

Lus x

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hey Lusi so cool to have you visit! Hope the carols went well and you are grooving along okay.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love