Friday, 22 December 2006

So close I can smell the sloth!!!

I'm not a huge countdown type of person, meaning I don't count the days until events and struggle when my kids ask me "how many sleeps until .....?" but I'm very excited about three sleeps until Christmas. For me it means that all of the chaos, panic, disorder, frazzled nerves, trolley and car park rage will be over and I can just sit on my couch and choose to do NOTHING. That's all I want this Christmas is to do absolutely nothing. My dad is coming for lunch and so is the MIL but that's okay I guess. A champagne breakfast will mean I won't even care if the Queen herself stops in for a bite to eat Christmas Day! lol

We've gotten all but the little stocking filler things for the kids and naturally I'll have to battle the supermarket at least once more before Monday. I'm staying well clear of the big shopping centres though. Those places are crazy at this time of year and I could well do without it!

I'm working tonight, doing the fruit and veg markets in the morning, then doing the seafood markets and then we have a party to go to. I'll have to have quite a bit of self restraint because no matter how much I feel like tying one on, I can't imagine the horror of having a hangover on Christmas eve with still so much to do!!! The last time I had a big night I was so sick the next day I felt like I'd contracted a bout of gastro. Trust me, it's still fresh enough in my memory that I won't be repeating that one!!! lol I also have sleep to catch up on from this week because we do want everyone to be sunny and bright at sparrow fart on Christmas Day. I'm sure we'll be lucky if they stay in bed until daylight.

I have a few OTP things to do for Cyberscraps that have a really tight deadline so I'll have to fit them in somewhere this weekend too but apart from that I'm going to go hammer and tongs tonight, get my typing all finished for the break and start winding down.

If I don't get around to blogging again until this whole messy business is over, I hope you all have a lovely, lazy, don't-do-more-than-you-want-to Christmas and get lots of scrapping done. I wish you health, happiness and lots of scrapping mojo for the New Year too!

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Leone said...

Hi Lu,
Just found Cyberscraps! Looks like a great forum/gallery/shop.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love