Friday, 1 December 2006

Her Royal Highness wants piercing already!

This week for some unknown reason HRH has latched onto the idea of having her ears pierced like her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Miss Lil. Now Miss Lil had hers done when she was a baby so there wasn't a huge trauma issue involved there but with HRH I'm not so sure. We've tried to explain that it hurts to have your ears pierced and how the lady at the chemist has to make a hole in her ear that isn't there right now and that it might be ouchy. She says its okay to be ouchy so she can have her pretty earrings like Miss Lil, like Aunty Cassie and like Mumma. She she appears quite convinced. I did think it was something that would pass after a day or two but she has talked about it every day this week and even had one of her kindy teachers draw earrings on her earlobes with a felt pen yesterday! She was so proud of herself and strutted around the loungeroom holding up her long hair, flashing her earlobes for everyone to look at.

While I don't particularly care if she gets her ears pierced, m,y only real concern is that the chemist lady will do the first one and then all bloody hell will break loose. HRH is a feisty one even in her quietest moments and has a violent temper and a will of iron. If she decides after the first ear gets done that it is too ouchy then I can't imagine an army could force her to sit down and get the other one done. So luckily on Cass's advice I have found a chemist that does "double piercing" which means basically there will be a chemist lady on each side of her and they will pierce both ears at the same time so she will only have to go through the shock and horror once. I can imagine the outrage when she realises how much it actually hurts but like most things, she gets over all kinds of disasters pretty quickly and doesn't usually let a little thing like pain stop her. So maybe after her friend's party tomorrow we'll go and get it done. Fingers crossed the chemist shop is still standing when we're done though......

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