Friday, 1 December 2006

Sooooo tired but no time to sleep

It has been a really busy couple of days workwise and I sat up until almost midnight last night trying to get the number of letters down so I wouldn't have as much to do today. I even held out some vain hope that I might be finished by dinner time tonight. A 4am start did help the cause a bit but I'm sure a lack of sleep actually makes me work less efficiently when I am awake even though I have a few more hours to work in. I had to go out today and pick up a birthday present for HRH's friend's party tomorrow and I got her a summer dress that doesn't require ironing and will actually be clean when she puts it on. That will only last as long as her first meal though - maybe I need to invest in ridiculously expensive washing powder because most of her clothes now seem to have stains of some description on them.

So here I am and back at my desk. I was hopeful until I came home to see that there are now close to 80 letters again as some doctors were busy dictating while I was out. So I decided to take half an hour for some Dr Phil that didn't motivate me enough not to eat the pie I had bought, and a much needed but not nearly long enough nap. There is also a dog across the back fence that has barked so long and so persistently this afternoon that I think I'm going to throw over a packet of biscuits if it will just shut up. Of course the more it barks the more it ticks off the neighbourhood dogs who I'm also sure are just saying "shut the f@#!k up would you!!!".

Oh I forgot, I should probably mention scrapping at some point considering it's my main passion in life but when I don't have time to sleep because I'm working, my scrapping is taking a very sad backseat at the moment. Mondays' at Cass's place seem to be the only time I can designate for getting layouts done which is just criminal and makes me feel that as a design team member I'm not working as hard as I should be during the week. I've tried harder this week to be in the CS forum and post and reply as much as I can but the forum, like the blog I'm doing now, as you can see, distract me from actually getting my work done so I will bid you adieu fair reader and post over the weekend when hopefully I will have had more sleep, less work and maybe even a layout or two under the belt! Have a good one!

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