Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Must keep going.....crawl, stagger, pant, huff!

I just cannot believe how busy work is atm! When I thought we might get a little busy with doctors wanting to catch up, I didn't expect the avalanche of work that has hit since last week. I worry that I'm not going to get it all done fast enough and the weekend is again coming at me at a great rate of knots!!! I can only do what I can do and let God sort the rest out - that's my theory for now!

We had a busy weekend with the littlies' Christmas Party at kindy. Caeligh had good fun and knew almost all of the Macarena dance but James had to sing carols and he really looked like he was in physical pain having to stand in front of everyone with a reindeer hat and a red nose. I think he felt stupid! lol He later said he just didn't want to sing with everyone watching.

Went to Cath's place on Saturday and Babe joined later when she could. Of course I had waaaaaaaaaay to much to drink, and sampled just about every poison on offer from red, white and champagne to cocktails and some fijoa infused vodka which really should be on the banned toxic substance list! Yep I paid on Sunday but still had to get in the car with Doug and the kids to drive down to Capalaba and pick up some special failsafe lollies for Blayd that one of the mothers in the FINB group makes. Very worthwhile if he can have candy canes like everyone else, even if the colours arent' as bright because she uses plant derived colours instead of insanely bad for you artificial ones.

Shuffle Up Day was today, Blayd moved to middle school which is now technically high school for him next year (where the hell did that time go???) and Jamie went to Possum Pod for the morning as a big grade one boy. He had a great time and when Doug came back to collect him he asked if Jamie had been okay and not too shy. The teacher informed him that James was indeed a social butterfly and would get on just fine come the first day of school next year. Somewhat reassuring!

Tomorrow is break up parties for the boys so I had to shoot off to Woolies tonight to buy things Blayd could actually eat. I gave him a little leeway with a few suspect "flavours" here and there but nothing dreadful for his diet so he may come home a little hyped but should be okay. I would rather risk the flavours than have him rebel compeltely and just eat everything in sight. I know so many parents will send their kids with junk food loaded with colours, flavours, preservatives, flavour enhancers, all kinds of nasty chemicals that will write his behaviour off for a week so I'm learning to be a bit more flexible with him. Besides, I think his tolerance is improving a little for flavours so tomorrow we'll definitely know.

James has Preschool Graduation tomorrow (yep it's all soooo serious these days!) so Doug and I are going as the boys won't be home from karate in time and Caeligh will just not sit still for anything so she can stay at home with Gran. Camera is absolutely coming along for the ride!

Back to bashing the keys now (maybe I should try a written blog so my fingers get some different exercise!!!) and I'll update when I can. Really looking forward to the weekend and super looking forward to Christmas so all the rushing can be over with and we can just enjoy the time.

Love yous alll!!!!!! Lu

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