Thursday, 7 December 2006

Where oh where has my week gone?

Haven't posted since Monday, whoa what a fly by week!!! Thanks to Lusi for stopping by - nice to touch base again!!!

Tuesday was groceries and honestly the prices of things just go up each and every time we go shopping!!! It's even harder to know that the farmers and graziers get so little of what the supermarket makes so the continual rises seem a little baseless to me.

Yesterday babe and I tackled the DFO at the airport. The place is enormous with factory outlets in every direction! I didn't think a lot of things were good value - and it helped if you know what you are after first otherwise you would find the money flying from your wallet for all kinds of things that are cheap but maybe not necessary. We did find an amazing bargain on Fila sneakers for the kids for Christmas and hopefully they will last awhile. We got Cath an amazing birthday present at a homewares store and babe got lots of her xmas shopping done. It's amazing how much pressure gets taken off after you get a good whack of that shopping list ticked off.

Today I've been catching up on typing and maybe tonight I'll get a layout done. I'm still trying to fit in writing Christmas cards, doing off the page stuff for gifts and keep up with my typing work because it has a tendency to blow out by Friday as doctors try to get stuff done before the weekend.

Cath's "ladies lunch" is on Saturday and I really want to find a dress to wear. Funnily enough I don't actually even own a dress (certified tomboy here!), a couple of summer gypsy skirts are as close as I get and then they are usually worn with a singlet and thongs!!! I saw some nice strapless dresses at Millers last weekend and should have bought one then but we had the kids with us and I didn't want to saddle Doug with all four of them in a brightly lit shopping centre while I tried on dresses. I don't normally try on anything I buy, I just hope I get it right, but a dress is something I think I will absolutely need to try on first, and not one either but probably five or six to see which looks better on me. Not exactly catwalk model material here gals and even though I can happily admit that, I still want to take the time to get it right when it comes to a dress.

Oh bum I forgot that I agreed to buy Sporting Wheelies art union tickets for their Christmas fundraiser and the guy has just delivered them! There goes my dress shopping money....... maybe I'll have to settle for a nice top to go with one of my skirts.....maybe a singlet....and I have a cool pair of hot pink thongs.........!!!

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