Thursday, 7 June 2007


Well it's cold and it's wet and I bloody hate winter already and it only got here last week - kind of like those rellies you only see once in a blue moon and then you wonder why you wanted to catch up cos they drive you crackers after a few days. I'm at Cass's place today (yeah I know, no suprises there!). I'm meant to be scrapping because I have a truckload of stuff to do for the shop - finish off July class examples, work on how to package and supply class kits for you lovely chickies that don't live close enough to come and sit in on a class with us at the shop, working furiously on getting a Cyber Crop up and running for Cyberscraps (from someone who really doesn't know nearly as much as people must think I do!!! lol), I have my Get Real Challenge to do STILL cos I cant' remember how to make an Andy Warhol type screen print of a photograph which is the idea I have in my head and I simply can't do anything else but that now, I need to do some kind of a sketch thingy (which fills me with terror because as I never use sketches I also am not very good at creating them for others to use!) because we're going to play scraplift the sketch this week (oh lordy the week is running out so fast!!!!) and a few other things. There are things I want to do for my own entertainment as well. I promised Krys Yealland I'd do a layout for a particular call after she suggested it to me on the phone the other day and I really want to get that done and not make her wait too long for it either.

Oh and today I have to go get my drivers' licence renewed (yuk). I have to drag all four kids to the Department of Transport which is like some sick kind of torture but it has to get done and I can't imagine when else I'll have a chance - oh wait!!!! I just remembered that I'll only have Jamie tomorrow afternoon after school as the big boys are going to their dad's place and Caeligh will be with Gran. OKAY COMPLETE CHANGE OF PLANS!!!! Going to the Transport thing tomorrow - that feels much better already!!!

Cass and I are about to sit down to a nice Lean Cuisine for lunch, not that they are as nice as my favourite was the Thai Red Chicken Curry which they've discontinued :( so we're having Tandoori Chicken instead and then some nice choccie afterwards. I can't guarantee I'll get anything else done today either but oh well, sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to not give a toss sometimes! I hereby give myself permission to not give a toss - just for this afternoon - and I will require myself to give a toss tomorrow!

Okay I'm off to have lunch. Later babes! Love, Lu


TribeRingers said...

Gee Cass, I hope you've had a better day today, even though it's freaking cold and windy here (and I don't like it)!! I do like your LO for How Dare You - great colours.

Have a good long weekend!

Alana said...

Hi! Just popped in to say hi! I love that butterfly...I hate winter too. Extra wahing, goose bumps, slow mornings ect ect...hope you an Cass have a wonderful time at convention you both better take pics of the purchases to show us...unlucky ones. Cheers Alana

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