Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Happy to be here!

Firstly, I'll say that while I'm run off my feet right now, I'm feeling the most fulfilled, satisfied and at peace with myself than I have in I can't remember how long. It means so much more than money to me although.......

For those who have been (as Stephen King the author says) constant readers, you will remember my dilemma about my typing job that paid great but went all pear shaped when suddenly they didn't want to pay me for my time but by a piece rate system even though there was 70% less work than before, which I cheerfully told them to cram up their @#$%! because I couldn't commit so many hours per week for so little pay in return. Tonight I got a phone call.....suddenly they need someone to cover for their in house typist as she wants to have three weeks off....guess who they want to cover for her???? lol Apparently I can just about name my price even though she did slyly mention that she COULD go to a temp agency for someone and she COULD have advertised for the position to cover the three weeks but one of the very kind and lovely doctors who had supported me the whole way through the mess continued to support me by saying that he would only be happy with me as a substitute and no-one else so I'm really stoked about that. So now I have to submit a price for the three week period. It means I won't be able to work in the shop much at all :( BUT I'm sorry to say the dollar wins this time as it's a lot of cash in a small amount of time and WE REALLY NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!! So I'm saying a prayer of thanks right now because it's come at a really good time for us and allows me to keep working in the scrap shop instead of having to find a permanent temping job which I'm loathe to do. It means I'll be at home all day every day so I'll even be a better blogger too!!!! And I'll be able to spend more time on Cyberscraps forum too so watch out girls - I'll talk your ear off for three weeks solid!!!!!
So for layouts, the top one is one I did of my son Jamie who is indeed what's termed as an "old soul", he's very old fashioned and very sentimental and sensitive. People are always saying they think he's been here before. The journalling records a chat I had with him once when he told me he used to be an old man living in China but he couldn't remember what his name was back then. He was totally serious and a little confused that he couldn't remember his Chinese name. I left that conversation with a case of the spooks - just a bit.......... It's a pretty minimalist layout for me but I was happy that I could stop when the layout told me too, and not give in to the urge of filling up every available space with embellies!!!
The second layout is one I have had in my head for a few weeks now. Cass and I were driving home from the Scrapbook Convention a few weeks ago and Fatboy Slim came on the radio with Rockerfeller Skank and the words "We've come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the pain. I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should". It made me think about how much Cass and I have gone through together. We've known each other more than half our lives and have seen the best and worst our lives could throw at us and everything in between and I wanted to use that song to show her much I love her as a best friend. She feels like a part of me and she definitely helps to make me the person I am, definitely for the better so here's to you babe!!!!!
Off to the shop tomorrow. The July class stuff is all sorted out now thank goodness and I'm sure new timetables will be in the shop by the weekend. We're still running the kids classes and we have one tomorrow afternoon which will be fun. Don't forget to let your little darlings come hang out with us if you need a couple of hours of sanity!!!! lol
I think Thursday night Doug and I are taking Jamie to see Transformers at the movies and I'm having Friday off from the shop so who knows were I'll end up!!!! I'm in desperate need of some new cross trainers so I can go back to the gym - the lovely Liam is back at the same gym which has been taken over by one of the previous personal trainers who worked there. Almost everything is the same and they have an infrared sauna which Liam explained works from the inside out so you sweat out toxins etc. I'm sorry but it sounds like a big microwave to me so I don't know if I'll be partaking in that one!!!!!
Tuesday night so NCIS tonight (repeat though) so maybe Doug and I will watch a movie. Tomorrow while I'm at the shop Doug is going to be doing the good daddy/good uncle thing. He has Jamie at home (thank goodness Her Royal Highness has kindy) and Cass's boys, Kris and Scott, are coming over as well for a boys' day of eating pizza and playing x-box and computer and stuff like that. Makes me glad I'm going to the shop for some play time. I've started my Masters double layout and tonight I have to hunt up photos. I have a really cool idea for an element of my layout but I don't know how it will work when I put it all together. If I can finish the double at the shop tomorrow I'll be a very happy camper but all depends on how the kids class goes in the afternoon.
Oh has anyone tried Donut King's Vanilla Glazed doughnuts yet? They are supposed to be like Krispy Kreme but considering I haven't had one of those I can't tell for sure but the DK ones are absolutely delicious but at their very best first thing in the morning - they don't sit well in the fridge cos the glaze melts a bit......I don't even actually like the usual cinnamon sugared doughnuts but much to the detriment of my poor expanding behind I'm developing a real taste for them. Somebody muzzle me for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Have a great day tomorrow gals and I'll be back real soon now ya hear! Mmmmmm doughnuts.....love Lu

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Lisa Le-Ray said...

I love that u journal on your layouts! So many people now are just creating layouts to look good! Love the stories they are so important to scrapbooking :D

Beautiful LO's to :D

Mmmmmmm Slider Love