Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tagged! (Oh and yay we've won the Origin!!!!!!)

Thank you to my bestie Cass for tagging me. I'll do this quickly before I head out the door. I've got a leetle bit of spending to do today - a few supplies, a present for Ronin who turns 2 tomorrow and a visit to Harvey Norman for some photo printing.

Name three things that scare you. Being outside alone in the dark, feeling like I'm falling, my kids disappearing in a public place.

The daggiest thing in your music collection. My old Phil Collins CDs and I still love them!

Your three favourite clothing items. My jeans, my headbands, my red ballet flats.

Your partners most annoying habit. Half-listening to me while watching TV or doing stuff on his computer. I always know when I've lost his attention and start referring to chopping my head off and throwing it in a pot of steaming vegetable soup and would he like some? Answer "Sure babe if your making some......"!!!!!! Earth to Dougie, Earth to Dougie!!!!!

What stresses you out- Money, my kids.

If I could change the world I would.......instill compassion in everyone, which in a perfect world would lead to the resolution of many of our problems as a planet.

Your favourite household chore… Probably vacuuming, because I've got timber floors I can see every bit of dirt, grit, etc and it makes me feel I've accomplished something when the floors are clean.

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for...the clearance racks and the red ticketed reduced stuff so I could squeeze as much as humanly possible out of that $50!!!!!!!

In my next life I would like to come back as …a cat - so much to eat, so little to do, so few worries!

Who is your least favourite celebrity… Paris Hilton (I'm very unoriginal about this one as I'm so OVER HER!!!!)

Okey Dokey now I'm going to tag - um - I don't know right now!!!! lol Give me time to think about this one cos I'm sure that some of you who would be my would be targets are sick to frickin death of being tagged!!!!! lol I'll get back to you on this one!

Later, babes

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