Saturday, 2 June 2007

Love Saturday mornings....

.....when nobody had anything to do that is!!!! I got to sleep in until 8.30am, Doug took the two little ones with him to go shopping with his mother and the bigger two boys cleaned my loungeroom for me while I had a lovely natter with Jilly on the phone! Definitely have to catch up again very quickly girl!!! Great start to my day. Now I'm sitting at my desk contemplating what to do next with my Dares layout for this fortnight (3 Favourite things in my home). I've got the photos all taken and can you believe I'm even going to make it a DOUBLE LAYOUT!!!! That's almost unheard of for me because mainly I like to work with the single enlargement shots and even though I've got to use three photographs this time, I still want to use enlargements to a double it must be to fit it all in! I'm also foraging through a little box of super cool buttons I found at a flea market a few years ago. I didn't use them at the time as they weren't my style back then but I've just found them while tidying up my bedside table (which I wouldn't have been doing unless we had been given this dare) and I'm in love with them all over again! They're all colourful and gorgeous and I bought them all on white sample sheets so now I have to painfully (I say that cos I've already stabbed myself once with my craft knife so far!) try to slice the white paper and glue residue off the backs of these buttons. It really will be worth me!.......please come visit me in hospital when I slice a major artery in the name of my art!!!!! lol

So Doug comes back with the kids and brings me a present - something we actually did need but something which showed that he was thinking of me even when buying boring domestic products. He walked in with a PINK TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love - it's just beautiful and matches everything else in my kitchen that's pink. I've got pink kitchen scales, colander, utensils (thanks Cass!), ramekins, bowls, cups, etc etc. I love my pink themed kitchen stuff. It is that nice shade of pale retro pink that goes with my pair of Sunbeam Mixmasters. I have two because one is my mother's and I use it all the time (it's now almost 50 years old and still works perfectly - they don't make ANYTHING like that anymore!!!) and the second one is a spare I picked up complete with the white milkglass bowls at a local op shop. Normally they are expensive as they are a collector's item but this one was only $15!!! So I have a spare Mixmaster in case my mother's one needs parts or repairs.

I've been doing tag albums for the shop this week, one for our adults class, one for a kids class and one for a Father's Day ad in SM.

This one is the Adult Altered Tag Album class. If you'd like to come along for a couple of hours of fun while I show you how to make one then have a look at our class timetable here. I'd love to meet some of you if you're able to come along one day. The class runs a few times per week at different times throughout June. These albums make really good presents and are super easy to do once you've completed the first one so you can then make albums about absolutely anything once you know how.

Cass and I have decided that probably Saturday next week we'll get into the Scrapbook Convention. We've got a couple of classes on at the shop so we'll have to wait and see if we have any teaching to do but (isn't this awful) I hope we don't get anyone on the Saturday so we can go and spend the day at the show instead!!! I'm hoping to catch up with a few famous faces too, esp. Jilly who'll be at the Scrapapple stand. I did want to know who won the SC Colour Competition but I don't think they announce that until Sunday and I'm not so egotistical to think I should change the day I go to Sunday so I can be there "just in case" I win or make runner up!!!! lol

Hope you're lovin' your weekend. Later chickies, Lu

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Julie said...

Love the idea of thetag albums. They look great. Enjoy your new pink toaster.

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