Monday, 25 June 2007

Why do I do it to myself???

I've had a pretty full plate lately, but managing okay all considered. Caeligh has given me a flu bug that she had and still has, and so I've been coughing up a lung for the last week. Good little soldier I am I've battled on, worked through the weekend at Cyberscraps and finalised our July class timetable which should be up on the site very soon. The August timetable needs to be put into the system yet and then a whole new round of layouts and OTP have to be completed as class examples but that is going to have to wait another week or so. We've been trying to get the ground work done for starting cybercrops on Cyberscraps and the lovely girls have been sooo patient while Cass and I faff about, with so much going on that we've barely given it thought so apologies to you girls, I'm getting onto it this week!!!!! There's kids classes all this week and next week at the shop if you need to dispose of your 8 and up kiddies for a couple of hours. The door hangers are one of the classes, quick and easy and the kids are always so proud of what they create. Call the shop on 3274 5522 if you want to book your darlings (or monsters) in for one of this fun classes!
I did get a layout done yesterday at the shop but I havent' scanned it yet. Another one that doesn't really feel like me because there's so much empty space but for once the layout really did say stop and so I did. Happy with the result even if it's not what I normally do.

I did a layout this afternoon on Cass for the SM tributes gallery call so fingers crossed Krys will like that one. All I'll say is that it includes the words to Rockerfeller Skank but I'll post a scan when it's done. I've got some bits and pieces to add and it will be finished but not until tomorrow probably.

Doug has been such a hard workin' hubby over the weekend. He had the kids both days while I was at the shop and he's on holidays this week but had Jamie with him today while he's on school hols and Caeligh went to kindy. He gets a day to himself tomorrow as a very dear old friend of mine is bringing her two little girls over for a playdate with our kids. I haven't seen this lovely friend since my ex and I split up. It was one of those funny things, she and her husband were my friends and yet we lost touch with each other but they stayed in touch with my ex. She came to the shop out of nowhere Friday and it was amazing to see her again and I can't wait to catch up. It's weird how working in the shop and having stuff published can reunite you with people you thought were gone from your life forever. Weird but really, really good!!!

I sat and watched five eps of Dr Who back to back last night - a first for me! I don't actually like Dr Who but I do really like Torchwood which has just started and I'm quite taken with Captain Jack Harkness although I do believe that man bats for any team that will have him!!!! lol To really understand the background of Torchwood you really need to have seen some specific eps of Dr Who to get an idea of the when, where, why and who of it all. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it - although red wine, brie and bikkies probably helped!!!

For everyone who has encouraged me to do my Masters - I'M BLOODY WELL DOING IT ALRIGHT!!!!!! lol I've started my double (but it will be much bigger than that when it's done and that's all I'm saying) and the idea for the single layout is there but need to work out some technological issues first. I know exactly what I want to do for the storage solution and I've started the "mini album". I don't know why they ever ask for something as simple as a mini album because really I'm sure they want something so complicated, fantastic and far removed from a normal mini album that it looks nothing like one by the time it's finished. So that's what mine will be like. I have to say the pressure is starting to bite a bit - only a couple of weeks to perform a small miracle - guess I'll have to perform some bowel magic (pull something amazing out of my butt basically!!!!! lol). Maybe Cass was onto something when she misread the date and finished hers a whole month early!

Hellos are in order!!!! Thank you Jill for your constant encouragement and understanding of what we do - and like I said - I bloody well am doing my Masters!!!!! A hi to all the fab Cyberscraps girls who stop by to read my blog - sometimes it's a little messier than the forum chat and I appreciate the time you take to visit me! Much love to Lusi for her strength, faith and ability to empower virtually anyone she speaks to - a gift from God to have you in my life Lusi - I hope you and Brett and the babies are all keeping well. Love to hear how you go with the parenting thing cos we could all use some help from time to time and it seems society does frown upon using a whip and a chair to discipline the kids these days....... ;)

Can I emphatically state - screw this winter crap!!!!!! I am freezing every minute of every day just about and after 33 winters you'd think I'd be used to it by now but I'm sure I'm colder each year!!! I bought a heater from The Warehouse the other day and honestly the heat that thing puts out wouldn't melt a frickin ice cube!!!!!! Doug commented this morning that it was a waste of money for me to buy a new cardie last week ($35) cos I haven't worn it once. See, he's just like the rest of the male population when he wants to be - I'VE WORN THE DAMN THING EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!! Blind, blind, blind man...........

I'm off to get into my jammies now and make the kids do the same and then get dinner sorted. What I really feel like now is some kind of take away so I don't have to rummage through the freezer to find some frozen fossilised chunk of unidentifiable meat that will have to wait until I've half microwaved it to death before I can determine what it is and then what I can do with it!! That kind of stuff takes time and (my bad) I forgot to take something out to defrost this morning but would it have? Really? In this ridiculous cold???..........Oh the old baked beans on toast actually sounds really good right now - and as far as I'm concerned beans are a protein item so they count as a meal in my book - my frozen, unwilling to make dinner book that is!!!!

Talk again soon guys. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who stops in to visit. I'd love for more of you to say Hi when you come by, I know how many of you there are so no hiding, take a moment to say hello and I promise I'll return the favour and say hi on your blog too. Love, kisses and 2400w warm thoughts, love Lu.


Janet said...

oh Lululululu.. send me your gorgeous cold weather and I will suck it up for you! I LURVE the cold, the colder the better...hehehe Good luck with your masters stuff....we'll all back off ya now ya started..


jilly said...

He he he - see all that bloody nagging does pay off! I'm so glad you're doing the Masters Lu!
Will catch up soon!

francineA said...

wow your doing the masters...good for you...and i love your idea of a meal, baked beans on toast im all for it.!!!

Lus :) said...

"fossilised chunk of unidentifiable meat that will have to wait until I've half microwaved it to death before I can determine what it is"....that is what i'm having for dinner tonight darl!!!!!!!!lol
thanks for the shout out - you are a beautiful soul Lu you really so glad you are doing the Masters thang.....yay!!!!!!
but sorry winter!!!!
Love you:)
Lus x

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