Thursday, 21 June 2007

One Enchanted Evening

I've just finished the most remarkable chat with Marah Johnson. She is warm, witty, funny, real, raw, honest and heart-felt - all the qualities I admire in our supposed "weaker sex", which in fact I think makes us the stronger sex! We're very excited about her new range to be released at summer CHA in the next couple of weeks so be sure to stay tuned if you are a fan. We will have her new products and ranges on the shelves in the blink of an eye!!!

I had a quiet day today, a housing inspection as we need new guttering on the house which will be done some time in the next millenia I'm sure, and Caeligh spent the day messing up behind me as I tidied the house. I borrowed - or should I say leeched? - Cass's heating this afternoon as I'm really feeling the cold this year as it's come so suddenly. We're still waiting for Stanthorpe to have snow so we can go for a day trip - with the temperatures we've been having this week I'm hoping it will happen this winter for sure!

I have a busy weekend this week. We have a crop tomorrow at the shop so if you're at a loose end and have nothing on then come and have a natter and a scrap and a cuppa with us at the shop at Salisbury, or if you are finding it hard to get out during the day, tomorrow night (Friday night) we have a 6pm to midnight crop with pizza included!!!! Give us a ring at the shop tomorrow on 07 3274 5522 and I'll put a comfy chair aside for you to come and hang out and scrap with Cass and I!!!! BYO drinkies if you don't have to drive!!!!

Saturday I've got some places left in my Altered Alphas class if you'd like to do some risky and adventurous things with alpha stickers and Sunday we have two kids classes scheduled plus a whole heap of kids classes scheduled for every day of the school holidays - that's right - the whole two weeks we have something every single day! Gotta keep the munchkins happy or our sanity does suffer!!!!

Caeligh is going to her gran's tomorrow so that's one less to worry about. The bigger boys are going to their dad's for a few days and Jamie will have school and then we'll do something special with him over the weekened and the first week of the hols while Doug is at home. I like to do at least one big event each hols, but by that I mean going to the park or the movies. Big events aren't quite as big as they used to be in my house! Especially with all four of them which really bumps up the cost of just about anything we want to do.

Must go to bed now. I've got to get the kids up early for breakfast club at school and free dress day which means I have to be up before them to help with any wardrobe malfunctions the boys may have - of which there always seem to be plenty!!!! Luckily they are mostly the unironed kind!!!

Night babes!!!!! Love, Lu

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