Sunday, 17 June 2007

OTP stuff

Cass and I have been keeping pretty busy at the shop, making up samples of OTP products we sell. I don't normally love OTP but the different projects that Cath has bought for the shop have been fun and the results were definitely worth the time. Cass has done the gorgeous Boys flip album and the large Summer Fun cube and I've done the Christmas Tag Album (next month's OTP class and I can make it a kit for those who are interested), the Brothers hanging keepsake of Cass's boys, and the Pieces of My Life MDF puzzle.
They were actually lots of fun so I'm thinking of scheduling them into our class timetable over the coming months if people are interested.
The weekend has been fairly quiet although yesterday ALL FOUR KIDS seemed to go out of their way to push the buttons. I had to go to Harvey at Oxley for some pictures, realised I had only Cass's pics from the photos we took at the park on Monday so grabbed some of them, went home, got my SD card with the photos I took on it and then went down to the Harvey at Browns Plains instead after Doug made a quick stop at the Lifeline store. He is a bit of a pack rat and he often finds interesting bits and pieces of computers and the like for a couple of bucks but no luck yesterday. I ended up buying Caeligh a plastic car seat for her baby doll for $1 and that was about it. After the photo printing - and the paying part which made me appreciate my home printer just that little bit more even though the quality is not quite as good - we grabbed some fresh bread and headed home. I had the very best intentions of catching up on shop stuff, timetables, class requirements and some layouts that I have to do for a deadline but I flopped on the couch and didn't really move again. I've come down with some kind of bug from Caeligh who's had a runny nose and a bit of a cough for a few days and Friday night I was just knocked flat when I finally got a chance to sit down and relax so went to bed early. The extra sleep helps but I think unless you are the kind of person who has two solid days to devote to staying in bed and properly resting then the bits of extra sleep here and there don't really do the job. Mummies out in blogland will totally understand that our version of resting up because we're sick just means we might sit down for an extra 10 minutes with a hot cup of tea!!!
Doug went out this morning to the markets up at Forest Lake with his mum and Caeligh. Blayd has gone to a karate tournament down the coast and Lachlann and James decided to stay home with me and annoy each other. I started on the clean up of my scrap desk, just making a clean space to get some stuff done but my internet has been down all day, likewise the email, so couldn't catch up with that stuff. I WAS going to get some of my scrapping done that needs to be finished in the next week or so but once I started cleaning I started pulling things out from here, there and everywhere I realised that I didn't want to just shove things back where they came from. So I got into cleaning mode and seriously pulled out papers, cardstock, albums, just about everything really and got Doug to put up my mobile scrap storage trolley Cath gave me for Christmas (yes that's embarrassing but I'm not the best at being organised so it has been sitting in my room waiting patiently for me). So now I have all of my papers stacked neatly, a pile of cardstock I forgot I even had as it was hidden away, a stack of about 60 layouts that are in desperate need of albums and I'm busily shorting out all my rub-ons into a cool plastic receipt wallet I found at Officeworks for a couple of dollars. It has at least 20 divided parts and it's only a bit smaller than a business size envelope so I'm going to have to cut up some of the larger sheets but it means that they'll all be together, not getting stuck, getting lost, getting ruined in my scrap bag.
In a completely unrelated decision, I found a tall white rectangular lunch pail tin and thought it might help Blayd to remember to take his pens, calculator, kent set, etc if I decorate the tin in Creative Imaginations Caution Boy! papers, stickers, rub-ons etc. That way if he thinks it looks cool he might be more likely to remember to take it. Not like I've really got the time to start that but the mojo wants what the mojo wants. Come to think of it I really could be doing something else apart from blogging but it's fun so a big fat raspberry to what I'm meant to be doing!!!! lol
We're waiting on the new Basic Grey Infuse range at Cyberscraps at the moment and when it comes in I think it will be time to have another RAK so keep your eyes out for that one in another couple of weeks.
Cass got her new SM last week - still waiting on mine :( - but I have had a look through and I also got the new SC. I don't have them in front of me but I saw lots of familiar names and I do want to go through it page by page and look for more of you talented girls I know but for now I'll say a big congrats to my bestie Cass for her layouts "Peace" and "She Tried" and to the wonderfully talented Lusi Austin for her amazing work in SC and an especially big hug and congrats on her Artist In The Spotlight article. It's much deserved my beautiful friend!!!!!
A big thanks too, to the How Dare You girls for my RAK for the "3 Favourite Things" dare.
I'll be heading off now but I won't be far away. Have a great week, love Lu


Sandra said...

Love the BTP's Lu, they look great.
Thanks for popping and saying hello at the convention, it was lovely to meet you, sorry we didn't get to catch up with Cass.
You really should have a go at the Masters, what have you got to loose, ( apart from a lot of sleep, lol )

Yvette Adams said...

Hi Lu. Thanks so much for de-lurking on my blog! I loved your comment. :) Your OTP stuff is great! I know what you mean about not normally loving it. I rarely do it - mainly cos of the whole "what do I do with it now" issue!

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