Wednesday, 5 September 2007


For a couple of weeks now Cass and I and Lusi have been muttering under our breath about something going on that we're a bit excited about and now I can finally share!

The three of us, along with the supremely talented Jill Geraghty-Groves and the lovely Alana Steadman, have started our own challenge blog called Everyday Garbage. It reflects our love of garbage and tat and not-quite-scrapbooking type things that we use on our layouts and the idea is that hopefully we'll inspire you to try some new stuff on your layouts and in return we know you'll all inspire us with your creativity and ability to push the envelope with our challenges.

The details of how it all works are on the blog as well as links to our individual blogs, the start of a photo album with notes about what we've used in our definition of garbage on some of our layouts and a "I play with garbage" blinkie link so you can grab one of your very own and be an Everyday Garbage Girl too!!!

Please bear with us though as we're all pretty new to running a challenge blog, many times a participant but never the organisers so we'll do our best to keep everything running smoothly for those of you who want to come play with us.

If you have time, go have a look-see, have a read and let us know what you think. There are lots of challenge blogs about at the moment and we don't plan on being competition for any of them. This is purely for fun (although we are giving away a RAK each fortnight for the most innovative take on our challenges and the first RAK is some drop dead gorgeous goodies from the brand new Marah Johnson Rock Star collection!!!!!) and we've added a link to other challenge blogs so you can get even more inspiration.

So I have to ask - do you want to play with garbage?!?!?!?

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Janet said...

OMG - am I the VERY first to check out THIS??? well I am the first one to comment... WOW.. what a top idea!! Can't wait to check out the site.. and get my FREE garbage blinkie...

Congrats girls on the site and hope it all goes well...

Hope to meet you irl soon Lu...


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