Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Rock Star RAK

I promised to wait until our Rock Star was in and wow is it just gorgeous!!! Above is just one of the very funky designs in the range. For this RAK I'm including one each of all the Rock Star papers and some bits and pieces of the accessories like the epoxy stickers and some cardstock stickers and a couple of sheets of the rub-ons as well. I would have included more but I had no idea the range would be quite so popular! If you want to have a look at what's left click here.

We also got in some completely fabulous ScrapWare chipboard shapes as well. Very well priced and beautiful to work with. I've got the skulls and crossbones and I'm just biding my time until I have enough scrap time to do something special on a layout with them. At the moment all I'm doing is typing and keeping an eye on Everyday Garbage by putting up our hint posts and there's been no time to do anything else much.

I did drag the completely happy to participate Lachie into my room yesterday for a v.quick photo shoot as I wanted something special to go with the Rock Star papers I've got for my DT work and didn't have anything quite right in my photo stash. Here are my two fave pics from yesterday. He really got into it, asked for black emo eyeliner and borrowed one of my nose rings - without the steel ball in one segment of it so it sits on either side of his nose inside and out and really does look like he's got a nose piercing - he thought he looked totally "wicked" and I had a fleeting glimpse of what my 10 year old baby (2nd eldest of four but still think of him as my baby) will look like in five or six years! I see the future and it scares me (that's my own mortality speaking there, I'm fascinated yet slightly horrified to be very close to being the mother of teenage boys!).

I think he looks amazing though!!! I mucked around in GIMPshop for the top one, adjusting the histogram for the brightness and mucking with the contrast etc. The bottom one I used the brightness and contrast to fix after I had changed it to rich B&W with the hue saturation. Sorry Jilly but I'm still totally hit and miss at this!!!!

Today brings lots more typing after more work was added to the queue yesterday afternoon so I'm trying to get the fun stuff over with first because I just don't know when I'll finish work today. I miss the shop soooooo much!!!!! I miss spending three days a week in a place I love working along side my absolute best friend in the world - Cass!!!!!!! I miss our wonderful customers who come and chat and watch us work!!!

Fear not! We have a crop night this coming Friday night from 6pm until midnight and I'll definitely be there even though I haven't been in the shop for two weeks (is it that long already?). If you want to come hang with us in the shop with some tunes and pizza for dinner then give Cass a ring at the shop today on 07 3274 5522. Kat and Peta - we definitely want to hear that you're coming!!!!

Okay well if you would like to be in the draw for the RAK you know the drill. Just leave a comment any time over the next five days - I'll draw the RAK Sunday night. If you have time and you would like to join in the inspiration brainstorm in the lead up to our first challenge launch on Everyday Garbage have a look here at our latest hint - there's a pattern so far that will tell you what you'll need to do for our first challenge plus people are coming up with some rockin' ideas for our hints so far! So cool to watch everyone putting their ideas out there to share with others - that's completely what our mission was when we started off.

Have a great Wednesday no matter what you're up to! Lotta love, Lu


Kat Browne said...

That crop is the best thing happening this week. If I had bells, they'd be on me for it. I miss you guys sooo much!

kerry said...

Hey Lu,

I wish i could get to the crop sad that i cant just a bit of a drive lol.I will definatly be coming to one next holidays.Wow those photos are awesome he looks great.

KimA said...

Those new papers Rock - LOL! Always happy to put my hand up for a RAK. Hope the crop goes well.

~Kathryn~ said...

pick me pick me !!
have fun at your crop night

kayla renee macaulay said...

I am really loving your garbage blog, it rocks!!! :-)
Lachie looks awesome, lol! I bet he liked being told to dress up that way. You want to hope he really doesn't turn into a rebel now he's had a taste. he he...
Have fun at your crop, so wish I could be there.
The rockstar papers are GORGEOUS!!!


Julie said...

Those papers look great and I've got just the pics to go with them.

Brigitte said...

me too !! pick me pick me !! just looooove those papers !! sooo cool !!
just discovered your blog through the 'everyday garbage', just loving it !! and yes, it will be interesting to see wht crafty people do with...garbage stuffs !!hehehe !!

Jodie said...

oh check him out what a little rock star!!

well i gotta add my name for the rak hehe damn what an awesome rak, i so need some rockstar.

always love ur blog, as u know


Michelle Jamieson said...

They are awesome papers...the new Rockstar!

Love the pics of Lachie...very cool!

I'll be checking out the Garbage blog...looks like fun! :)

Chelle Xx

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

How are you gorgeous (yet quite insane) girl! Thanks for keeping in touch with me - can't tell you how much it means! Catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG LOVE those pics! He looks totally cool and I can see the rockstar range working for him!!


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