Monday, 10 September 2007

Happy happy Monday

I know that title sounds completely bizarre as normally Mondays suck quite frankly BUT I got my DT allowance from Cyberscraps of the shiny new and completely rockin' Rock Star range from Marah Johnson. Totally love so far!!!! There is a drop dead gorgeous large winged guitar metal embellishment that I can't wait to use and as Lachie got Guitar Hero for the playstation for his birthday I have already singled him out as the perfect subject for a rock star layout.

Thanks to God again for intervention with the phone account problem. The loveliest man called me from their pr department and sorted the whole thing out in the space of five minutes with no drama and no fuss at all. Totally and utterly helpful and he said he didn't really understand why nobody could have done the same thing for me on Friday and saved all the grief.

And it seems that as of about ten minutes ago, Blayd still couldn't spell "detention" and he gave Doug some incredibly lame story about the teacher having to leave suddenly and everyone else being on duty so there was nobody to supervise his detention so it was cancelled. His dad, who works at the school, told me Blayd tried that at lunchtime to escape his detention then too but there's no answer at his pod so we can't confirm yet whether that's actually what happened or if he's just giving us a load of bull (which is what I'm pretty sure is going on). I tell you, I can't believe how sneaky and cunning he's becoming. It's horrible to watch my eldest son - who has always had some problems and been a little bit away in his own world - turning into some nasty creature that I can't trust, can't believe anything he tells me. I don't like the feeling that I can't take him at his word but he keeps proving me to be a fool when I do take him at his word and I'm getting a bit jack of that! It sounds mean of me but he's always been a bit clueless and he continues to play that card all the freaking time and it's driving me nuts cos now he's proving that he's far more clever that he makes out. He can't quite manage to do any schoolwork but he's getting an A+ right now on his report card for lying, avoidance, scamming and spinning crap. The "A+" is for effort, not for skill or accuracy cos he's not very believable anymore. I'm seriously thinking I need help with him. I've heard that the Triple P parenting program is really good and there was - coincidentally or not? - an ad for the program for dealing with teenagers from 11-16 (since when do 11 and 12 year olds count as teenagers? I guess they're dealing with life earlier and earlier these days) in the last school newsletter and I think I'll have to take a deep breath and just ring and see what we can do. I'm having one of those revelations where I understand now just how mind-bogglingly infuriating it must have been for my parents to watch me lie to them over and over again as a young teenager and prove myself untrustworthy on more occasions than I can now remember. Knowing how dreadful I was - as a girl - I'm cringing at how bad Blayd is going to be. He may be sly and cunning lately but he's still also very easily led and I bet you can read my mind about the kind of trouble I worry that he's going to get himself into. I know the kind of trouble I got myself into and I was just a really lucky kid, never getting myself into a jam that God didn't show me a way out of but not every kid is lucky and I'm just so bloody worried about where he's going to go from here. Any advice is one hundred thousand percent appreciated........

On a bright, happy note, our next hint for Everyday Garbage is up - find it here. This one's going to have you scratching your head for sure!!! lol My layout for our first challenge is sitting here on the desk next to me and I have a scan on my computer and I'M BUSTING TO SHARE IT BUT I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY!!!! ARGH!!!!! I also wish I could blab about all the cool fun challenges we have lined up but I'm sworn to secrecy on those too!!!!

I'm off to type again now - love my job, love my job - but I did get paid so that's a good thing! Still more work than I know what to do with but that's just how it goes.

I was going to share some pics of the stuff I bought at the markets yesterday but my card reader thingy in the front of my computer doesn't want to play with me today so it's ignoring my SD card like it doesn't even exist. Another job for Dougie the Super Tech when he comes home!

Have a nice night guys. Lotta love, Lu


kerry said...

Hi Lu,

All i can say is that i know that i'm glad that my two eldest are well and truly adults now and that if i had to go throught there teenage years again i would have gone to some sort of course to help me.I have heard of a course called landmark and have been told that this is great for adults as well as children.Also that the positive parenting is quite good.Good luck with him and stay firm and strong he will evetually come around to your way of thinking.Just don't back down.take care Kerry hugs to you.xoxox

Kat Browne said...

Ah, feral teen syndrome... I have nothing but well wishes for you there hun. Stay strong, and remember to take care of you in all the drama.

*hugs* take care

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