Monday, 24 September 2007

She didn't go to kindy soon enough!!!!!

Do you see the pictures of the cute little girl below in my last post? Gorgeous isn't she????? Yeah don't let the looks fool you!

First up she decided that television was too good to leave just for a little thing like needing a poo - so she just took off her pj pants and undies and dropped it on the timber floor of the loungeroom instead.............there are just some days when I don't have any words and this is one of them........

Her older brother was meant to empty the dishwasher this morning and got as far as opening the door all the way but then got pulled in by the TV tractor beam. Her Royal Brattiness then decided to go into the kitchen. Now our kitchen, being a rental house, doesn't have a dedicated under bench dishwasher space so ours sits in front of an unused cupboard and we have a hose connector thingy to the tap and that's how it all works. Because the dishwasher is freestanding we have a couple of heavy plastic storage tubs on top with kitchen stuff in them to weigh it down and for the most part that works fine - unless you do something stupid and dangerous that is. This is the part where Caeligh comes in.

She walked into the kitchen and decided to STAND ON THE OPEN DOOR of the dishwasher, thus causing the whole frigging thing to topple forward, launching very heavy plastic tubs of kitchenware across the length of the kitchen floor and the whole dishwasher fell forward, falling on the door in the process so that all the now smashed crockery and glassware remained safely inside the dishwasher. I have been able to make this assumption based on the mess that I found upon leaping up out of my chair at my desk like I'd been shot and bolting through the house in response to the crashing sound and her scream of terror as she surely though the dishwasher was coming to get her. Lucky for her (and prayers of thanks to God for keeping her safe from herself) she came to no harm, unlike my plates, cups, mugs, bowls and wine glasses................ :(

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kerry said...

Lu you poor bugger but she does look like an angel.They are sent to try us i'm sure .take care thinking of you Kerry xo

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