Friday, 7 September 2007

What's the deal with all the s**t hitting the fan at once???

Far out I wish I had an early warning system for stress and bulls**t!!! That way I would have known yesterday that my off morning wasn't nearly as bad as today's list of things that have really jerked my chain!!! In the interest of everyone's patience levels and my better judgement that tells me not to sit and vent in an ugly way all the time to anyone who will listen, I'll just mention in point form the stressy stuff and get it out.
  • My eldest is on the verge of being suspended from school for misbehaviour in class and on the verge of failing due to lack of giving a toss about any of his school work. It seems that he couldn't spell detention so when his teacher gave him some today he had no idea what she meant and went home instead of doing his after school detention. Now I think I'll need to teach him whole phrases instead of just words, phrases like "you are a dead man", "can't believe you did that" and "grounded for life". They're just the clean ones I can use here.
  • My old phone company have continued to bill me since I switched companies and despite repeatedly asking them to stop and having been told I would get an amended bill for a final amount, I got a nasty letter today from a collection company. Wasted an hour and a half of my work day on that crap which still didn't get sorted out and had to ring the Telecommunications Ombudsman to get them to step in. Could have done without that -thanks so much AAPT for being completely unwilling to help even though the mistake is yours and not mine!
  • I have more work than I actually know what to do with right now. It has blown out to about 30 hours of typing that needs to be done on top of the normal 40 hours per week (conservative estimate there) that gets logged each week. Thanks so much to the previous typist who left me with said 30 hours of typing and chose not to do her work in the last week cos she didn't care and knew it would no longer be her problem anyway! Turns out she lied outright and told the manager that her work was all up to date so she even naffed off early on her last day!!!! Yes, admittedly there's a tidy amount of money in that but money can't buy you sleep or time with your kids can it!!!!! That is so not a question so you'll see there are no question marks on that last because the last typist left with so little warning I haven't had time to learn a complicated speech recognition software program that I need to know how to operate to do some of the work that is still outstanding. I'm meant to learn that this afternoon I assume so I can catch up on work over the weekend. NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT
  • then they didn't process my invoice on time yesterday even though they said they would, they didn't respond to an email this morning asking if they could confirm that it went through okay yesterday so I could pay my direct debits or give me time to organise something else and didn't seem particularly interested when I had to ring back again this afternoon because nobody bothered to let me know what was happening either. So we have exactly $20 to our name now to last us until probably Monday when the money will come through. It's not like I had plans or was going anywhere but that isn't the issue at all. F**k them then - I'm going to invoice them on Monday for the the full week and if they can't bring themselves to pay me then they can go find someone else to do their typing. I don't care how much money it is - I can do without this crap. I was far happier before, working at Cyberscraps, getting paid in product and personal fulfillment, than I feel right now even knowing how much money is coming to me. I don't have that money or the fulfillment or happiness or anything right now. Right now I'm just pissed off at the world and would dearly love to put my head in a blender. I'll settle for a big glass of red but you know what I mean.

So please excuse me while I go have a small mental breakdown over here in the corner............God, anytime you'd like to step in and take this crap off my shoulders you can totally have it. I surrender *waving pathetic white flag above her head*

Sorry - I really did try to keep my self indulgent whinging to a moderate level..........


Lisa Le-Ray said...

I love how u just get everything out! lol! You poor thing you sound so stressed!

1. Take a bath and relax.
2. Do a bit of scrapbooking.
3. and take care ;)

Your layouts are really sweet.

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Look below for my link they are soooo cool!

Kat Browne said...

Aww, hun, that sucks like an L plated hooker... And, hey, that isn't even near whinging level.

I hope it all sorts itself out soon. Let me know if there's anything I can do, Centrelink has me home and it's sooo boring.

Take care!

Kat Browne said...

A message from Peta: "As someone who has stuck their hand in a blender: Don't do it! It hurts and you bleed!"

Lis said...

Ugh that totally sucks, I so hear you on the suspension thing, I have wanted to literaly kill my oldest son many times this year, I just kep praying he will grow out of it!

Hope tomorrow is a better day :)

Lus :) said...

hi hun :( totally get it.....
glad to read today that God answered your prayer and helped you out :)
its much easier just carrying a little rather than the whole stinkin lot hey!
thinking of ya babe :)
only a phonecall away!
love lus x

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