Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Surprise but v.cool!

I was looking for cool new challenge blogs to add to our Everyday Garbage links list and remembered to go back and check out Scrap The Boys which is run by the lovely Sharryn Thomson. I was "bowled over" (sorry for the pun!!!) to find that she had chosen my layout "Opening Bat" as her "Just Because" pick! How spesh is that?!?!?! I'm always thrilled to see others who like my stuff and I hope I don't ever "get used to it" iykwim? If there wasn't that little buzz then I think I'd wonder what the point was considering that yep I'll admit I scrap partially for the personal recognition thing, to prove that this is something that I've created in my role of being just me as opposed to being mummy, wifey, employee and all that other stuff (which I love too, it's just not the same but I hope you get what I'm meaning by that). This layout was originally subbed for SC's colour comp.

Nothing else exciting but just thought I'd share. Cya, Lu


Brigitte said...

Hi LU !!
Wow !! totally love that LO !! very boyish, love it !!

kerry said...

Hi Lu , the layout looks great.

Jasmine said...

Love it too!!! I'm not surprised it was picked :)

Your Everyday Garbage LO looks great too. I'll have to head over and check out the blog :)

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Hey girl stunning lo's! Your blog looks awesome > it's such a great concept!

Did u still wanna do the ATC card swap>?

Love me

Nicole said...

Hey Lu, love your stuff chick. PMSL at your stories, ahhh the life of a mother.

Take care


Brigitte said...

Hi LU !!
well....i'm coming AGAIN to see this LO !! loving it soo much !

TribeRingers said...

Another great LO Lu, great photo too. Well done on your 'Just Because' pick!

Sharryn Thomson said...

Hi there Lu,
Just dropped in to say hi and glad you like my 'Just Because' LO pick..LOL
Being a cricket mum myself..I found that particular LO very inspiring!!
Take Care
Sharryn :)

Mmmmmmm Slider Love