Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Everyday Garbage Challenge #1 is up and running!

Here's my take on our first challenge which you can find here. We had to use something from the kitchen and at first I thought that might be hard because all I could think of was brown paper bags!!! lol Then I took some more time to just wander around and look in drawers and on shelves. I did end up using a strip of brown paper bag but I also used a yellow couscous box, a brown teabag packet, a black permanent marker for writing on freezer bags and the yellow rectangles with holes in them - they are Decor Tellfresh labels that you're meant to slide into the front of your food storage boxes and write on them with pencil so you know what's in the container. I am so not that organised so I had lots of the food storage boxes on the shelves but the little packets of yellow plastic tabs were in the bottom of my plasticware cupboard, still in their own little plastic bags with a little pencil and an eraser. My kids really liked getting a little pencil and rubber for themselves and I ended up with almost 20 of these plastic tags. I then used permanent pen ink to blot over some of them and the freezer pen to mark pen stitching on the rest and on the layout. Totally happy with it but no guarantees about the archival security of any of it. Like I've said before, it was for fun so I'm not really worried.

My dictionary from my typing has not been able to be restored fully although Cath did very kindly email me hers so that some of it was back and all of my precious auto-corrects are gone, gone, gone like George. That's the hardest part as it saved me so much time and made my life a whole lot easier. So now I have to re-create them all again, hours and hours of work but what can you do? Nothing.....except learn for next time to make sure I back up all those things specifically before I do anything to my computer. It just didn't occur to me that Word wouldn't keep that stuff when it reinstalled. DUH LU!!!! So my own fault really.

Waiting on new One Little Word and All About Eve challenges this week and I can't say for sure that I'll get Aussie Dares done although I'd like to.

This layout is the other photo I had on my blog the other day from my quick photo shoot with Lachlann. I've used Kaiser bling on this, a big round silver earring, the Marah Johnson Rock Star metal guitar and banner embellishments plus the matching epoxy stickers and some gorgeous purple velvet brads which are also Creative Imaginations that we got into Cyberscraps. If you're a brad addict you should see the jewelled, glittery and velvet brads we got - I'm pretty sure they're under What's New - find them here. I've written the journalling in gun metal dark grey gel pen but it's really hard to see on here. Love this one - all to do with the fab products I'm pretty sure - that and the seriously cool subject matter of the photograph!!! lol

I'm off to do more typing now but have a great day and don't forget to check out the Everyday Garbage challenge if you get a chance.

Lotta love, Lu


Brigitte said...

Those 2 LOs totally rooooock !!
love them love them love them !!!

kerry said...

Lu i especially like the rock star one but your layouts are always great.Congrats on the new garbage site.

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