Friday, 28 September 2007

Hint, hint.......

The first hint for Everyday Garbage Challenge #2 is now up! But it's a very personal issue so be sure to view with discretion!!!! lol More hints coming up between now and Tuesday and you have until Sunday night midnight (AEST) 30 September to get your layouts in if you'd like to be in the running for the Marah Johnson Rock Star RAK.

Cass and I had a sabattical from the shop this afternoon and went into the Paper Arts Festival here in Brisbane. It was actually really small but still managed to pick up a few things I really liked like some big Prima flowers, some red glossy Bella chipboard alphas, more inks and Aqualip pens, basics like Pritt and pop dots etc. We had a great time, catching up with Lisa, Ruth, Leone and Marni as well as some other girls.

Today Lusi arrives and tomorrow will be up for a big picnic in the park kind of thing so that all of us who love her to bits will get to meet each other. It's funny how there are so many interwoven connections through the internet, forums, etc. People we know, people we know of, people we admire yet for whatever reason haven't had a chance to meet. I'm sure it will also be a mad dash for the cameras to have so many friends we know in the once place at the one time!!!

My kitchen is done and has soooo much more room than before. I chose smoke blue cabinets and dark blue granite laminex for the bench tops although to be honest I really didn't care about the colour. I was just glad to have it done!!! The workmen were all lovely and super-fast but Doug and I are still slowly getting everything back into the kitchen and sorting and chucking stuff out (as you do when you have to completely empty a room for whatever reason).

The boys have gone for a week's holiday with their dad so the house will be a bit quieter. I really miss them when they're gone but at the same time it's nice to have a chance to do things with the two little ones without having to worry about the bigger boys getting bored with things like indoor play centres etc. James and Caeligh are off with Gran today for her usual Friday babysitting and I think the plan for tonight will be scrapping for me and Cass and Doug is desperately trying to finish Halo 2 so that he can crack the seal on Halo 3. He got it on Tuesday when it was released and I can't believe he's been so patient. So that's his aim for tonight I think, to get his game finished so he can start the new one. I'm sure he'll end up doing more tidying up as well as he's just one of those nice guys who will do whatever he sees that needs doing. Worth his weight in gold that man!!! I should marry him one day!!! lol

Okay, back to the grind here at the shop (not that being here is every really work!) cos I want to get some new layouts done and I think I should finish off my EDG layout for next week too!!!

Have a great weekend and take care! Lotta love, Lu

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Brigitte said...

Wowww !! looks like so much is happening again in your life LU !!
oh and sooo lucky of your all girls to meet up with LUsi !! say hello to her for me !! eventhough she lives next suburb to mine, i still don't get to see her at all unless we bump into the shops !!
Anyway, have a good time i'm sure lots of photos you'll have to share after this !! :)

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