Thursday, 31 May 2007

Catching up slowly

So this week has been a bit of a catch up week, bugger all typing work unfortunately and now I get to spend today cleaning the house! Fun fun fun....... I sent off my black and green colour challenge for SC yesterday, as did Cass. I actually ended up leaving the layout I wanted to send at home (forgotten in the morning rush!) and because yesterday was the last day to send entries in (via Express Post mind you!) I had to do a whole new layout while I was at work. I'm actually really happy with it but I can't even share a scan because I had to post it straight away and didn't get a chance to scan it! That NEVER happens usually but I'll share when I eventually get it back. Ha ha ha who knows you might see it again in SC before I have it back in my hands if I do any good with it! lol Oh the joy of optimism......! I don't like to work under pressure and don't like deadlines but sometimes my best stuff turns up that way, it's weird but not something I'd like to make a habit of.
So a couple of Movieworld photos for you just quickly....

I'm eternally grateful that Doug took one good photo of me. I don't have a gazillion pics of myself but regardless of what I think about having my photo taken I know my kids will want those photos one day, not just a few here and there stuck in old albums. I know I wish I had more photos of my mother and so that reminds me to put ego issues aside and make sure somebody takes a few pics of me every now and then. Whether they make it to layouts is another issue......! lol

This month's June class timetable will be up on Cyberscraps probably either tonight or tomorrow. We have a new range of beginners classes, an intermediate altered alphabet sticker class and an advanced Fancy Pants Stamps and watercolour class as well as a chipboard tag mini album for adults and every Sunday we have two kids classes - for June it's a kids' canvas class and a chipboard tag mini album for kids. The kids always love these classes and walk away with something pretty special at the end of it.

I'm off to do some more cleaning now. I've just done the bathroom. I have to admit I'm a really lazy cleaner so I just turn the shower on, aim it at the floor next to the bath and use a broom to sweep the tiles that way!! I totally loathe cleaning so if I can make it quicker, faster, more efficient then I'm sure going to do it that way. I know there will be women out there who know the "proper" way to clean a house but let me tell ya - if it's clean then it's clean and I really don't care about the whys and hows of how it got that way. I've got more important things to worry about - like how to get the kids to keep it that way!!!! lol

Well I'm going to do a quick pick up and get changed out of the daggy cleaning clothes now and head over to Cass's place. We've got a little project brewing between us and we need to get the basics sorted out today so I'm going to be in project management mode while we get things started. Of course I'll share when I have something more interesting than just chat to share with you about it! It's all centred around our first love - scrapbooking - (the menfolk and kids do rank right up there but we have to be straight with each other don't we girls?!?!?!) and that's basically all I'm sayin' right now!

Quick shout-outs to my freestyle rockin' mate Lusi, the v.spesh Miss JillyGG, a huge thanks to Ngaire for last week - I had a blast and make sure you get in touch about the ink party! - and to Ali Stafford - we know you're flat out girl but the comfy chair and Woodies are a'waitin' for ya!!!!

This Friday we've got open crop day. Come on in if you've got nothing else on and have a seat, have a cuppa and have a scrap with us! We promise we don't bite and we're lots of fun!!! Plus you'll have access to some of the cheapest supplies all around you while you work if you suddenly find you're missing that special something for a layout. Give us a ring at the shop on 3274 5522 if you want to come and scrap with Cass and I on Friday.

Back later chickies and I'll post up some sneaky peeks of the June class projects. I'm not a huge OTP fan but I did a chipboard tag album that I'm really really happy with so I'll take some happy snaps and put them up later.

Oh hey I forgot to ask - is anyone going to the Scrapbooking Convention next week in Brisbane??? Cass and I are going but not sure what day yet. If anyone is going maybe we can meet up for a Woody or a chardy afterwards and talk shop or scrap or something?!?!?!!?

Much love to ya chickies!!!!! Mwah Lu


Lus :) said...

Lu you funky thang you, love that pic of you in the collage!
And all the snaps :) Hope all goes well next week at the convention - would so love to come up for a play!
Love ya,
Lus x

kerry said...

Hi Lu,

I arrive Sunday night in Brisbane and i'm going Monday as being the long weekend i thought that i could fit that in.WOuld love to catch up with you too crazy girls.I will be coming to the shop on the Wednesday anyway but only for a flying visit as my dh will be with me seeing we are on holidays.There's only so many shops we can go too.I told him that i am spending the day at the Brisbane show and he is cool with that he is going to look after dd.
catch you soon
take care Kerryxoxx

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