Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cold enough for ya!!!

Oh I hate being cold!!!! That's probably what I dislike most about staying at home and working, my room is about 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house and the rest of the house is 5 degrees colder than outside. So I'm set this morning with my hot coffee, my heater and my newly purchased and absolutely "dont know how I lived without them before"essential uggies!!

I'm happy to say I've finished my storage solution for the Masters comp. I'd like to look at it and think "wow" but I'm actually more concerned that people will look at it and wonder how the hell I could have made something brand new look so old and crap!!!! lol Either way, still satisfied that it's just bloody done. I don't have time for anything else at this point and second thoughts just have to get left behind as I still have to finish the mini album and the last little part of the double. Now that I figure I have nothing left to lose, it's very liberating and I'm getting through the stuff fairly quickly. Today though there will have to be eight hours of solid typing and then I'll get to look at the mini album tonight and hopefully finish it. Luckily Cath from the shop gave me a pile of new Petaloo stuff that came in that will be just perfect so I'll have to dig through my bags and get them all out. I like to spread piles of embellies out in front of me until I find what I want to use, kind of like a scrappy smorgasboard!!!! lol

Before I get started with work I'll do some quick hellos to people I owe them to - a big helllooooooo to Jilly - I totally appreciate your support and all your help. I promise I'll email you today with some pics so you can see what I ended up doing. Lusi, lovely to hear from you babe and I'm sorry I haven't called yet. Hopefully by the end of the week life will have calmed down but I did pick up something cute for you on the weekend and I'll have to remember to put it in the post with the brads I need to send you.

Oh, congratulations to people who have kids going back to school today - I know that sounds awful but I've had one of those weeks last week and none of the kids managed to survive even an hour without trying to commit murder or at least assault!! It doesn't matter what kind of entertainment I provide, the end result is still the same so at least at school I know they'll all be separated and out of each other's reach.

Lachlann went to the hospital for an assessment by the Child and Youth Mental Health Clinic yesterday. I wanted him to be thoroughly checked because his ADHD meds don't seem to be as effective as they used to be and he's becoming increasingly short-tempered and irritable. It turns out that the very lovely doctor who saw him, after listening to his history, thought he may actually have a sleep disorder which he's probably had since he was little and which is causing identical symptoms to ADHD. She wants to have a monitor put on him for a week to watch his sleep patterns over a week to see what's going on. She did however say we shouldn't worry too much, the med he's on for ADHD is exactly what's used to treat the type of sleep disorder she thinks he has. Apparently if he's constantly tired and exhausted he will be cranky, have trouble concentrating, feel fatigued all the time, be bad tempered and have trouble in general coping with life. All his ADHD med is doing is waking him up enough to function each day. She even warmed that it can turn into narcolepsy as he gets older!!! I'm very grateful that we've gotten a doctor who is willing to do something other than write out a prescription, as a more wholistic approach was what we were looking for, someone who would consider all sorts of possibilities and treatments instead of just a pill. So thank God for directing us to her and hopefully things will improve for Lachlann from here - like any mum, I hate to watch him struggle and seem so unhappy.

Okay well it's time for me to get started today and I'll just get out my handcuffs and chain myself to my keyboard. Hey at least I can still check my email and go chatting on the Cyberscraps forum. It's all still technically typing!!!!

Have a fab Tuesday and a safe back to school for those have kids going back today. Take care and rug up girls, Love Lu


kerry said...

Hey Lu,

Good to see that you are going to have extra income this week.And i'm glad it was you home with four kids for the holidays one at home is quite enough at times.Good luck with the masters,i hope that you finish in time.Take care Kerry

kayla renee macaulay said...

the much loved uggs

I so wish I had mine still
a couple of weeks back they came to their tragic death from the much loved wearing

but hey! i live in tassie and it's absolutely freezing in winter.

That is good that they are doing a proper diagnosis with your son.
I'm sure everything will turn out ok.

Scrappy hugs


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