Thursday, 12 July 2007

The finish line is in sight!

Okay well I sat up until about 2am finishing the mini album and I'm happy with it - thank goodness!!! I basically just pulled out everything in the colour scheme I wanted to use and sat it all on the table and just went from there. It all came together really quickly in the end (if you can call five hours quickly!! lol) and I've been doing my photographing this morning. I've added a few bits to the storage solution and I now only have to finish the last little bit of my double and do my 200 words and voila!!! I will be done!!! Cass is even very kindly coming over to take Caeligh off my hands for a couple of hours so I can work (which I still have to do from 8.30am this morning until 4.30pm this afternoon regardless of this whole Masters thingy) and I'll get the last bits done in between typing jobs. Then Cass is coming back to chauffeur me to the post office to get it sent. What a best friend that girl is. Worth her weight in gold I tell you!

Because I was getting Headless Chicken Syndrome yesterday morning, sick of looking at nothing but the Masters stuff, I wasted precious time that I could otherwise have used to do my Masters and ended up doing a layout just for me instead - well not really for me - for the Cyberscraps Get Real Challenge this month about quirks. It has fabric covered buttons so I'm going to see of the very lovely Sue from Dares will let me sub it for this fortnight's dare - last day as usual!!!! It's a bit minimalist for me, not quite my style but I'm really happy with it anyway.

I've also got a few layouts to do for a photo swap at Cyberscraps - I haven't forgotten you girls - I promise!!!! Tomorrow afternoon I'm all yours again - no more Masters and no more typing!!!

Best of luck to all of you who have been slaving over your entries too - scrapping moves so fast and evolves so quickly that it will be fab to see what everyone has done this year. Each year wows me more than the last and I am itching to know what people have come up with!

HUGE thank you so much to everyone who came by last night and offered "cyber-support"!!! It is very much appreciated!!!

I'm off to type and sort out the last of this Masters stuff! Enjoy your Thursday. Cya, Lu


Louise said...

Brilliant LO girl Love it!

Lus :) said...

girl i LOVE that layout soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!
Lus x

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Hope u do well with the comp! I love love your LO! I just looking at those flowers! (they look like the ones at BB). Rockin!

Jodie said...

im the same, i must use spacific teaspoon when eating icecream!! lol

Mmmmmmm Slider Love