Friday, 13 July 2007

Wanna hear something funny?

Well it went right down to the wire yesterday with the Masters entry. I was still burning my pics to disc at 3.30pm to make it to our local post office which closes at 4pm. So I'm panicking and frazzled and trying to hurry and ringing Doug to help me as I had to use his computer to burn the pics to disc. My MIL came over to watch the kids for a bit while I went to the post office so she parks the car outside my house on the street. While I'm trying to burn the disc on the computer a guy knocks at the door and says he's hit my car while he was reversing out of the driveway across the street. So it turns out - and why he managed to hit the only car in the whole fricking street when he had so much room as it's a wide street I don't know - he has reversed into the MIL's car and smashed the driver side headlight and that panel. So I go outside with her and take his details - NZ license and doesn't have an Australian one yet he reckson but swears the car is insured - and we pick up the glass and go back inside. Normally the MIL parks in our driveway but because she knew I was in a hurry to get to the post office she left it on the street for me so she's unhappy about that. We go back inside and I sit down again and ring Doug again to have him talk me through the disc burner thing and it's going okay when about 15 minutes later - and I'm so running out of time now - there is another knock at the door. The man who lives across the street is standing there and says he needs to give me his details because he's accidentally reversed into the car parked outside. I said it's okay, the guy has already given me his details and I was starting to wonder if he was going to try and say it was him cos the other guy didn't have an Australian license. He looks at me funny and I say the guys name and say he's just given me the details. He looks horrified and says that he's just hit the car AS WELL!!!! I could not frickin believe it!!!! Both of them hit her car while reversing out of their driveway!!!! And in the space of 20 minutes!!!! I felt so bad for my MIL and at the same time I wanted to cackle with laughter at how on earth these things happen!!!

So after that high drama settled down (and the MIL moved her car into the driveway!!! lol) I raced out the door with my Masters entry in hand, not even taking time to throw shoes on and made the mercy dash to the post office. Also in such a hurry that I'm not looking at where I'm walking in bare feet and I've stood on a bit of broken beer bottle on the footpath!!! Much cussing and limping later I made it and posted my entry. The amusing aspect of this slightly painful incident means that I can now officially say I've walked over broken glass to get my entry in on time!!!!! lol

Have a fab Friday girls, talk again soon, love Lu (with a bandaid.....)


kerry said...

Oh my god Lu that is funny but not funny how can you have two people back into one persons acr on the same day,blind dumb arses.Hows your foot?Good to see that your entry has gone off without a hich lol.take care Kerry

Jasmine said...

So glad you got your entry off. You should get AT LEAST an honourable mention just for walking over broken glass to get it in on time LOL!!! I know it's a LOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGG wait now, but I'm looking forward to seeing your entry - no doubt it's gorgeous.

Lus :) said...

OMGOSH! Lu that story needs to be scrapped honey!!!!! Oh your poor mil and your poor foot!
But yay it is off!!!!!!!
Love ya :)
Lus x

Julie said...

Oh my goodness Lu definately need to scrap that.

Can'twait to see your entry.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Lu, was coming over here to thank you for leaving a message on my blog about the fire and then see that you've had your own little bit of street drama this week!LOL I wish you all the best of luck with the masters - from the layouts here on your blog I think you've got a wonderful chance of being picked!!!!!

Kat Browne said...

OMG, wow. I can't believe the day you had! I hope your foot's ok, and I agree, this needs to be scrapped!

Lol, and I thought my attempt at getting my entry in was stressful!

Louise said...

Ill add my ONG, but Im thinking that it could only be you at that moment it time girl!!!! Your a crackup!!! :)x

Lisa Le-Ray said...

God the masters! lol! I entered the second one in 2004. Got in but is was a pain in the ass! I had spent sooooo much on scrap stuff and had mess everywhere and had to kids aged 2 and 4 running around! lol crazy stuff!
I didn't end up doing anything for the year as I was to busy! (and stressed)

Poor foot! :(

Rach Wyndham said...

Any woman that walks over glass to put her entry in has to be a damn finalist for sure!

Good luck and thanks again for the comment.

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