Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I am indeed now struck down by the dreaded Headless Chicken Syndrome!!! This is a crippling and debilitating condition which leaves the scrapper unable to adequately focus on anything other than Masters projects which have become all consuming in terms of time, money, physical and mental strength. I'm suffering typical side effects such as Crankybumitis, starvation, anxiety, extreme thirst and chocolate withdrawals. I've developed obsessive compulsive behaviours such as repeatedly looking at the clock to see how many hours are left until I can make the last Express Post pick up tomorrow afternoon. My multi-tasking skills are being seriously challenged as I attempt to do my job while my brain takes small leaves of absence about every ten seconds to think about what I can do to finish off my mini album which is still ONLY HALF FRICKIN DONE!!!!!!

Soooooooo who wants to pull an all nighter with me???? lol Unfortunately, as today is the last full day I have to complete it, I will be up until the wee small hours methinks, frazzled and coffee overloaded, with photo tabs stuck to my jammies, face smeared in ink and Pritt with what looks like the remains of a tornado in a scrap shop strewn all around me.........

If you're around this afternoon or tonight do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a minute to say hello as I'm going to let my blog keep me company, warmly glowing from my computer screen with hopefully some love and reassurance that it's okay, it's totally worth going competely nucking futs over!!!! I may not be able to respond immediatley to people's comments given that my fingers will be worn down to bloodied stumps from hours of scrapping but I promise I'll regularly check to see if anyone has stopped in!!!

It's such a shame that what I really need right now - like a valium and a strong bourbon and Coke and a nap - won't actually help me achieve anything..............

Does anyone have any good tips on how to be completely focused and artistically brilliant whilst being distracted, frazzled, time pressured, panicky and stressed? Anyone? Gee it's quiet in here.......... :)


Kelley said...

OMG - Me and you are i the same boat - i am half way through my mini album - I have no motivation and a head cold!! LOL! I had a bit of a freak out earlier too!! LOL! Lets hope we both get our stuff finished so we can get them in on time!! Good luck with your entry!!

Louise said...

Nah no tips sorry :)
But as you said in your email Lu your best inpiration is coming from this frenzied state of mind and matter!!!!!
Um its an allnighter Me thinks for you, and if your husband luves you he will treat you 2 morrow night with your valium, bourban and anything else your hear desires. I will check in 2 nite to see how your going and offer moral cyber support!!!
Louise :)xxx

kerry said...

Oh lu,
You are sooo friken funny that it is not funny.Sending you finish vibes as i know you are knocking on the door to the finish line.You have to ask yourself is it worth the stress YES!!!!!!!!!! especially if you get a mension you go girl.I have had a couple of wines for you and i'm rooting for you go girl go girl acn't you see me swinging my hips and moving my arms go girl go girl. You can do it.Lets go Lu. i hope that is a little bit of inspiration to keep you at it.Hey that is not easy to swing my hips either.Take care i will check with you latter,

Julie said...

Thanks so much for my much needed giggle Lou. I hope you manage to pull of the all nighter. Good luck with it all.

jilly said...

You are COMPLETELY insane woman!

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