Thursday, 5 July 2007

Masters mania!!!!

Just quickly before I start to open the floodgates, this is a better look at the layout I submitted to Scrapbooking Memories to go with my Real Stories, Real People article in this month's issue. I still love it just as much as when I did it, maybe more!

Okay, I've got the double about 4/5 done and it's turned into a complete monstrosity of a thing!!!! Barely recognisable as a double layout anymore I'm afraid....... I've completed the single layout except for a couple of alpha stickers that have to go on (I bought one set, didn't realise I'd use them for my Masters stuff and when I did I quickly noticed that I wouldn't have enough but I liked them enough to go and buy more today to finish it) and while I'm not completely thrilled with it, I am completely over it so que sera sera as the song goes!!!! lol It's far too late in the proceedings now to be worrying that I don't love the layout - Cass really loves it so that's good enough of an opinion for me!!

The mini album idea I had was a little too far removed from an actual mini album and Cass and I got to thinking that maybe I'd end up ruling myself out of contention because my idea was SOOO far away from what a mainstream mini album would look like. Of course, that is typically me, go bigger, better, crazier but I'd hate to shoot myself in the foot so to speak so I toned it donw somewhat, keeping with the original framework and colours I had wanted but just restyling what I'm doing. That will hopefully be finished tomorrow at the shop provided we're not too busy. Not that I'm discouraging any of you fab girls who'd like to come by and visit - I just will have to leave you in the very capable hands of Cass while I slave over my stuff!

The whole storage solution thing gave me no inspiration AT ALL!!!! Boring, boring, boring........ I do KNOW I could just embellish a pre-made/purchased storage item but where's the ingenuity or imagination in that? This is Masters for goodness sake, I'd certainly like to think I can come up with something better than a set of plastic drawers from Crazy Clarks. I do have an idea that I've come up with but again, it's bigger and messier and more time consuming that I think I'm able to do. There are days I wish I was as dyslexic as Cass and I had done all this a month ago rather than trying to cram the whole process into a week and a half! SO while I have this idea, I think I'm biting off more than I can chew so mayhap things will get toned down over the weekend so I can have some hope of completing everything and posting by Thursday so it will all be in on time.

Apparently SM haven't even opened any of the Masters entries they've already received......they are all sitting in a room, piling up and they won't get opened until after the closing date. If they're being honest then they must be busting with excitement - it's kind of like trying not to peek at your Christmas pressies isn't it? I've heard that they shortlist 100 entries and the more I think about that the more confused I get. I mean, 100 sounds like A LOT of entries and then again, given how many of us love this art, it is a drop in the ocean of the number of people who've entered. I'm not worried about whether I'd be chosen as one of the Masters or not - how on earth do I phrase this stuff without sounding like I think I'm so good that I'll totally get chosen????? - but I think I'd probably prefer Honourable Mentions instead. I mean, I don't even know if I'd be able to do the stuff that the Masters are expected to do throughout the year. I barely have any time to do the stuff I do now for the shop and commission stuff and do I love it all enough to do as much as would be needed? I don't know if can answer that one. Maybe if I can just have the title but not have to do any follow up work? lol that would suit me much better!!!! I think the whole Masters thing is best left to the talented girls who have the time on their hands to really commit to it. So why am I doing it at all you ask? I think it's a personal challenge thing, can I do it in time? Can I create something "spectacular" enough? Can I be good enough to be shortlisted? Good enough to get an HM? I guess it's just to see what I could accomplish if I try, that's about it really!!!! lol And the funny thing is, I've turned to techniques and products that I normally wouldn't even bother with, or that I don't even actually like but which work for the projects I'm doing!!! Masters does something weird to your scrap psyche - little voices that start saying "Yesssssssss, use the eyeletssssssssss!!!", and "Oh no, you don't need to pen outline those aphas - leave them au naturel!!!". It's an unexplainable phenomena but if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them I'd love to hear about it!!!! I despise eyelets, I could never, ever get them to set right and I just can't be bothered with them 100% of the time but what do you think I've gone nuts with for my double and for my mini album???? FREAKIN' EYELETS!!!!!! Somebody please just shoot me now and be done with it...........

Oh hey by the way, tomorrow night is crop night at the shop if you want to come play with us!!! It's a fun girls' night with tunes, pizza, hot milo and everyone wears their slippers and uggies!!!! In fact, the uggies have almost become pre-requsite attire if you want to come crop with us! Hell I even had a blanket last time cos I was cold! I can't scrap when I'm cold and that's just not an option when I'm sitting in the shop watching everyone else get stuck into their layouts. We get started at 6pm and are open all through until midnight and you even get a 10% on any shopping you do in the store while you are attending the crop night - how good is that? It means more goodies for you and a fun night out with Cass and I for entertainment - oh maybe I shouldn't say that!!! Not everyone thinks us two cracking jokes, poking fun at each other and cackling like a pair of crazy women is entertainment!!! lol BUT Cass has just recoloured her hair a fantastic shade of magenta and THAT my lady friends is VERY entertaining!!!

Well I'm off to bed now cos it will be a late one tomorrow night. Because the crop is on I won't be closing the store at all so we're going to be open from 9.30am tomorrow morning until midnight tomorrow night so if you're desperate for supplies or for some playtime be sure to come by the store and have a nice cup of something warm with us!

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far this week. It's nice to see familiar faces and new ones too!!! I've even updated my blog links list on the sidebar to reflect some of you very lovely people who come and visit me so if you're looking for somewhere to blog surf, check out the talent!

Have a great weekend if I don't get back to blog before then. Cass and I are off on a secret mission on Saturday but for once I totally cannot blab. I will leave that for Cass when and if she decides to share with the blogsphere.

By the way, if the ramblings about Masters sounds like a broken record, it quite probably is! I tend to let my mind just go for it's own wander and I could have voiced my thoughts on the whole Masters thing before and not remembered. Apologies if you've heard this all before!

Gratitude this week for:

(1) School hols being almost over - love my kids but don't love having to shove them from pillar to post on the hols, trying to organise babysitting etc

(2) Doug for cooking me the most delicious dinner last night cos I was late getting home from the shop

(3) The week of typing work next week - I hate that money is such a needed thing

(4) Easier acceptance of who I am and what I want to do, and for my ever increasing levels of "I don't give a flying rat's ass what people think of me" attitude

(5) No more smashed lightbulbs this week - but the weekend is two whole days at home for Caeligh to do her worst so who knows.........

(6) The old patchwork quilt I bought at a flea market for $5 which is now what keeps me warm on the couch most evenings while watching the telly

(7) Having enough money to buy Cass's son Kris a medical book for his birthday because any kid who wants to learn as badly as he does deserves the tools so that he can

(8) For online friends - even if I don't blogsurf, chat or ring regularly I know that's okay and that we'll just pick up where we left off next time we catch up - I'm so grateful for total acceptance from you wonderful mates I've met through scrapping - I'd love to have a big party one day and invite all of you to have us all in one place together - what a bash that would be!!!!

Thanks for tuning in, love Lu


kerry said...

HI lu,

Sounds like you have really been busy.I got the photo of Caleigh today and have put some ideas together.It is certainly nothing like you would do so i hope that you will like it.I hope to finish it on the weekend and i will email the finished page so you can look see.Take care Kerry

kayla renee macaulay said...

i'm sure that your masters stuff will be awesome.
i am always in awe over your fabulous work, if you are not atleast mentioned then it will be a crime.

I wish I lived closer so I could come to the crop but i live in colder cold tassie brrrr!!!



jilly said...

Hellloooooooooooo! ROFLMAO at your Masters Entry!!!! Don't you just love those last minute things?!?!?!?

Jodie said...

awww thanks for the post on my blog
i LOVE THE IDEA of a treasure hunt might get onto that ;)

and lovin ur work u know i love ur marah inspired stuf tuff chick rules!!!


Alana said...


Mmmmmmm Slider Love