Friday, 13 July 2007

I've been pubbed in the Rouge de Garance blog!!!

That's so cool!!!! I subbed a layout a few days ago that I had done using RdG paper and which I absolutely love but which didn't get picked up by any of the mags so I thought I'd show it to them. It's turned up on their blog today in their "ARTwork from our RdG friends" album!!! That's still as cool as when I just said it a moment ago....duh!!! lol So if you've created something with RdG papers don't be afraid to email it to them - they are a lovely bunch of people and I'm sure they'd love to see what you've created with their drop dead gorgeous papers.

Just thought I'd share....busy blogger today I am!!!!


Alana said...

details on the texture..I love it! I do not understand the diff is it to the other layouts there each month. Oh well....having it the gallery rocks more anyway!! I think you should buy you MIL a lotto ticket, that was funny...sorry! Its great the entry is in and done!! WELL DONE!!

Janet said...

Oh LU that is wonderful... congrats. Your work is just beautiful so be proud and shout it from the roof deserve it. Good luck with the BIG entry..


Kat Browne said...

When I saw this pic, I just stopped dead. I love it, it's stunning and absolutely perfect.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Once again beautiful! Glad they gave u something nice to work with! The papers look like your style! I also really like the journalling on the pic!

What part of Scottland is your man from>?

Hope u have a lovely night tonight! Scrap and relax, a great motto hey!

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